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Nov 22, 2014

This podcast is about sex toys and “sext” offenders. 

Emily's first guest is Alicia Relles, designer and head “vagina” of the sex-positive retailer Je Joue, here to give us an exclusive sneak peak at the latest tech trends in vibrators and buzz-worthy goodies coming soon to Je Joue.

Then Emily welcomes her second guest, Alexandra Tweten, creator of “Bye Felipe”, an Instagram account chronicling angry responses from rejected men over dating sites, which after a month has managed to attract almost 260,000 followers.

Emily gives tips to help you succeed in online dating (and hopefully stay off Bye Felipe!). And if all else fails, Alicia has a ton of toys to keep your warm while you wait for Mr. Right.  From Kegel weights to Tinder dates, this Podcast is full of advice to help you get what you need, on and offline. Check it out!