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Jan 11, 2014

Comedian Brad Williams is a little person with a very big and crazy sex life. Brad Williams is on a mission to change the way people think about little people with his comedy and his penis. He’s out to prove that little people are wonderful, well-endowed, lovers. Here’s what we cover on the show: How to pull her hair completely pain-free, how to spank with style, how to explore choke play during sex without completely freaking her out, how big are little people’s penises? Why doggie style is the best position for a little person, Jennifer Lawrence’s butt plug collection, anal sex tips for the first time, women who can have orgasms exclusively through anal sex, having sex with a woman while her husband watches, getting punched in the face by a woman while she orgasms. Use coupon code EMILY for 15% off at Good Vibrations Use coupon code EMILY25 for 25% off at and coupon code EMILY for 20% off your first purchase at Check out my new vibrator store: