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Aug 11, 2013

Let's talk about how to please a man in bed, because I'm always talking about how to give women orgasms. I know that making a man orgasm isn't exactly Rocket Science, but women could be a lot more creative with his penis. I interviewed the author of Tickle His Pickle, Sadie Allison, on how to please his pickle AKA his penis. Allison was the girl in her friend group that taught all her girlfriends how to have their first orgasm. Then she showed them the ropes on how to please a man in bed. Allison discusses all of her special techniques on the penis, including: the sausage wrap, the pleasure tunnel, the old faithful, the twister, and the cigar roller. Luckily, she's already tested all these techniques on men. You don't have to find a penis and start cigar rolling and twisting it without knowing what to expect. Of course there are different strokes for different folks. Every man has different preferences. How do you know if he wants you to nibble his pickle if you don't ask? Being confident in bed doesn't necessarily mean knowing exactly what to do with his penis, and it certainly doesn't mean having the perfect body. Having confidence means having the courage to ask him what he likes in bed, and having the confidence to stand before him naked with the lights on (even if you hate your thighs). He wouldn't try and get you naked if he didn't want to see your body. Men are visual creatures. They want to see you do your thing. Flaunt your new moves.