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Jun 30, 2015

At one point or another, all relationships run into problems and this podcast is here to help guide you along the sometimes perilous path to relationship happiness. Is your relationship working? Should you stay or should you go? And how do you get over an unexpected breakup? Emily offers advice on some of your trickiest sex and dating troubles.


How happy are you with your relationship? Emily and Menace help 5 listeners figure out the next steps to calming their unique relationship qualms. Are you starting to have feelings for someone else? Are you nervous about trying new things in bed? Maybe you’re just bored and don’t know what to do to spice things up. Whatever your hang-up, Emily gives guidance and tips that can be applied to any relationship in need of boost.


From heartbreak to jealousy, long-term relationships to open relationships, this Sex With Emily podcast is all about navigating the seas of dating and commitment. For tips on how to get happier in love, check it out!