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Aug 18, 2015

In this Best Of podcast, circa June 2012, Emily and Menace explore the wonderful, exciting and often overlooked world of ball play. They share tips to help you overcome your ball-related fears and get gungho for gonads, and tackle a few of your emails along the way. Does your lack of experience in the bedroom have you questioning your sex skills? Are you ready to get into the world of kink, but don’t know where the start? Emily shares advice on sex toys and sexual confidence, and gets filled in on the hot new “dogging” trend from a listener overseas.

Then it’s time to talk balls... How do you tell your partner you want to tickle his testes? What are the most ball-friendly sex positions? And what’s the best way to show those little guys some love? From facts and fears to trimming and shaving, Emily covers it all in this no holds barred throwback podcast, straight from the Sex With Emily vault!