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Apr 17, 2015

In this classic throwback episode of Sex With Emily from 2012, Emily and Menace address birth control and penis mischief in the news, and answer emails from a few girls with orgasm problems. Also, is your man overstaying his welcome in your home? Have you fallen into a “reverse cowgirl” pattern? Emily and Menace explore the wonders of “handjobs performed on women,” Dunkin’ Donuts, and an unsettling, but comprehensive set of statistics and facts about the ever-present issue of CHEATING.


Fresh out of the vault from 2012, check out this old school Sex With Emily episode! It’s jam-packed with crazy sex in the news, serious sex in relationship issues, and some surprising revelations.  Want a few great “finger-banging” techniques? Need some signs that your partner is cheating on you?  Get these and more on this episode of Sex With Emily!