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Jan 31, 2015

On today’s show Emily welcomes Jake and Amir, the hilarious BFF’s known for their popular CollegeHumor webseries and advice-giving podcast “If I Were You”. They provide commentary and a male perspective on a variety of topics, from sex toys to stamina to sexting like a pro, and even assist Emily in answering some listener emails.


But first, Emily gives the sex toy newbies their vibration education. Between the Dua by Je Joue to the wireless Oh-Mi-Bod, Jake and Amir ponder the possibilities of playing the field via bluetooth sex toy technology. Emily and the guys share their own experiences with sex and dating in Los Angeles, and discuss the importance of keeping your independence while in a relationship.


Then it’s on to your emails! Emily and her guests help a listener draw the line between dirty and degrading bedroom conversation, and gives a lesson in sex toy etiquette to a single man with multiple partners.


If you’ve ever wanted to step up your verbal seduction but don’t know where to start, get ready for a crash course in Dirty Talk 101. Emily gives advice for a listener looking to improve her sexting game, and Jake weighs in with his texting expertise. Talking dirty is like a dance -- Jake, Emily and Amir are here to teach you the moves.


This show provides a random (but funny) array of sex and dating tips that will both amuse and advise you. Don’t miss it!