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Dec 16, 2015

On today’s podcast, Emily and Menace are tackling your top sex and relationship questions. Whether you’re looking to explore new bedroom activities, are feeling cheated by your partner’s oral sex embargo or are trying to channel your inner sex goddess, they cover the many ways to better communicate your sexual needs to your partner. They also tackle a question on lady-scaping — Do men really trip out over a little down-there stubble?

Also, a Sex in the News story on mistress-shaming opens up a discussion on the recent rise in infidelities. Are daters getting more unfaithful or are there just more ways to get caught? Menace and Emily debate how social media is contributing to the cheating curve, and Menace explains why the iCloud is a cheater’s worst enemy.

From oral sex ultimatums to bedroom deal breakers, this podcast helps you navigate the many pitfalls that couples encounter on the road to sexual satisfaction. Learn how to open up the sex conversation with your partner and find out why cheaters truly never prosper in this episode of Sex With Emily.