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Aug 9, 2014


Do you find intelligence a turn-on? Well, you're in luck this week because THE Anna David is in the studio with Emily and Anderson to talk all about her writing career, new podcast, her journey through addiction and recovery, and of course -- sex!

Addiction specialist and relationship guru Anna dishes out what it was like writing multiple novels and creating her podcast After Party Pod. Bonding over writing triumphs and failures Anna shares with Emily her experiences through the years of her ever-expanding career which all began with an accidental dating task in NY. Who knew trading lives with someone would get you a spot inside Playboy?! Emily and Anna then discuss past dating experiences including a celebrity ex-boyfriend. Anna also divulges, upon request, the best sexual encounter of her life! Let's just say her safe word is "yellow".....

Next listener emails. What to do when your boyfriend won't stop watching porn? Will your past traumas let you have a healthy relationship and sex life? Having the best sex isn’t about completing a checklist or making your partner orgasm, it’s about having a healthy attitude towards sex and your partners desires. But can that be done? We tell you how in this week’s podcast!