Sex With Emily

This throwback show is all about all things casual sex – because we just can’t talk about it enough.

Emily sits down with a panel of friends from different ages and backgrounds to talk about what casual sex means to them – and what the stigmas are surrounding it – because even a few years later, all of this is still so relevant. They even touch upon an email of “slut-shaming” and the double standards of casual sex that – try as we might – are still around today.

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On today’s show, things are getting touchy feely in more ways than one.

Emily tells a story that shows how sexy – and sometimes mind blowing – directly expressing your needs to your partner can be, ways to stimulate all parts of the clitoris for truly orgasmic outcomes, and getting back to HPV basics – after all it is STD awareness month. Plus, why you should focus less on your sexual experience and more on your sexual exploration.

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On today’s show, Emily is joined by former bachelorette and host of the podcast “Off the Vine” Kaitlyn Bristowe and the two are talking about embracing your authentic and sexy self to help build your confidence in and out of the bedroom.

They talk about learning to trust your gut when it comes to true arousal and attraction, how scheduling “down time” with your partner will enhance intimacy, and some of the best pick up lines Emily’s heard in a long time.

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Today’s show is all about penises. Emily is joined by long time friend of the podcast, Jeff Abraham, who runs the company behind Promescent – the product that helps couples enhances intimacy.

They discuss the difference between pre-mature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, and even role play and provide helpful pointers for talking to your partner about his penis challenges. This show also include sexy tips for mutual masturbation, ways to break out of that sex routine, and how to close the orgasm gap – because the struggle is real.

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Today’s episode is part two of yesterday’s podcast with Jim Kwik. During this part 2, Jim walks Emily (and you) through specific steps to activate a healthy brain, and techniques to remember anything from a speech to the details of your first date.

You’ll be able to follow along as they walk through very specific, impactful and easy to learn exercises you can you use right away –– because a big, healthy brain is always sexy.

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The Brain is the largest and most important sex organ, so on today’s show Emily is joined by her friend and one of the world experts on optimal brain performance Jim Kwik – who also hosts the top training podcast, Kwik Brain.

The two talk about how to sharpen and focus your memory (no more forgetting your anniversary), the two most costly words in a relationship, and how to lead with your emotions. This is just part 1 of this interview – stay tuned for part 2 where you can follow along with Emily and Jim during their brain exercises!

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On today’s show, Emily is joined by her OG podcast friend Jordan Harbinger, host of The Jordan Harbinger Show to talk about all aspects of relationships – intimate and otherwise.

They talk about why keeping “score” in relationships is an unhealthy practice, how to maintain your relationships in life and work, ways to stay motivated when you’re going through a devastating break-up, and why it’s natural for the grass to feel greener outside of a relationship and what to do about it.

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Today’s bonus show features Emily as a host of The Future of Femtech panel a few weeks back at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas – a massive gathering of technology, film, culture, and music.

Put on by the SAFE app – an app that lets you show your verified STD status for safe dating, the panel featured amazing women founders and entrepreneurs behind companies devoted to women’s health and sexuality – what Femtech is all about. From sex toy companies to dating apps to Kegel fertility trackers, these women, along with Emily, share the same passion for women’s health everywhere in a currently booming industry!

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On today’s show, Emily’s joined by Detroit-based sex educator Zoë Ligon to talk about how to prioritize your pleasure and step away from “goal” oriented sex, because hey – it’s not just about orgasms.  

They explain the important distinction between dildos and vibrators (not that you have to choose), giving you creative, mind-blowing ways to incorporate sex toys into the bedroom and why stocking up on good lube makes sex so much better. Plus, they give you tips for choosing your first butt plug and finding your zen when rocking “woman on top.”

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Spectrum Boutique

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On today’s show, Emily hosts Erika Lust, an award-winning indie adult filmmaker who is changing perspectives on porn by focusing on ethical production values whose erotic films are all super sexy.

Emily and Erika talk about how she portrays female pleasure in a whole new way, as well as showing people of all races, body types, and sexual orientations. They also discuss the alternatives to mainstream tube sites – which aren’t for everyone – as well as what a Sex With Emily podcast porn might look like.

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