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Mar 5, 2016

On this show, Emily welcomes back Brian Howie from the Great Love Debate to pick up where they left off on the topics of love and sex. Together with Menace, they share personal dating experiences, pose provocative questions and try to get to the bottom of how to make sex and love better.

How has dating changed in our app-driven social scene? What makes it so hard for people to get to the 2nd date? How is the dating climate influenced by the environmental climate? These are just a few of the topics Emily and Brian address on their journey to understanding love and relationships on a deeper level. Emily also takes a call from fellow podcaster and comedian Paul Mecurio; they reminisce about their first meeting, his bizarre Paul McCartney story and discuss how he really feels about anal.

If you have any questions about the opposite sex and need a second or third opinion, you’re likely to find the answers you need in this show!