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Jul 7, 2015

In this Sex With Emily podcast, we’re talking cuckolds, fetishes, orgasms and so much more. Emily is taking to the emails to answer all of your most pressing sex, dating and relationship questions. No matter what you’re into or how you like it, she’s bringing you the tips you need to embrace and enjoy a full sex life!


Are you confused about your orgasm? Does your husband dislike blowjobs? Are you really really into pantyhose? These are just a few of the emails Emily tackles from our loyal listeners. She shares her knowledge on fetishes, oral sex and orgasms, and explains how these issues can affect your relationships and your confidence.


From blended orgasms to sex in hotel bathrooms, this podcast takes on a wide variety of sex and love issues. Everyone gets turned on or off by a unique combination of things, and Emily is here to help decipher the signs!