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Oct 7, 2014


Today’s show is all about helping you through your sex and dating troubles! Emily and Anderson answer your feedback emails, and give advice to help you get what you want, both in the bedroom and out of it. Topics covered include how to communicate with your partner about bedroom needs, how to get your partner excited about sharing sexual fantasies, how to cope with stagnant sex lives and a quick lesson on confidence.

First, they start out with three tried-and-true dating commandments that you should be breaking, from game-playing to check-splitting to the one cliche we’re all tired of hearing. 

Then, on to the purpose of this show: You! Emily and Anderson tackle some emails and give guidance to help a listener communicate her sexual needs to her partner, without coming off as a nag.She and Anderson help a guy who’s girlfriend is “too tired” for sex and provide tips on how to ease your partner into your deepest sexual fantasies. Also, advice for a listener who’s dating life is lacking - Is his weight to blame, or is it actually a case of a lack of confidence?

Whether you believe that “everything happens for a reason”, or you’re ready to make things happen for yourself, get the answers you’ve been looking for in the latest Sex With Emily Podcast!