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May 12, 2017

If Emily had her way, there would be a bottle of lube on every night stand all across the world. From flavored, to warming to all-natural ingredients, there’s a lube out there for everyone to enjoy! On today’s show, Emily is joined by her trusty team and an honorary member from System JO, Brie, to talk about all things lube, pubes and so much more!

Are your partner’s pubes a deal-breaker? Have you found your g-spot, but are still on the search for your clitoris? How do you get your military man in the mood for making love more often? Emily, Halina, Jamie and Brie give their insight on these common issues and more. Plus, they give the lowdown on the many ways lube has enhanced their sex lives and why pubic grooming remains the hairy situation it is. Let this show slide into your speakers!

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