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Sep 9, 2013

According to Loveline Host Mike Catherwood, real men give oral sex (if only all men shared Mike Catherwood's definition of a real men *sigh*). If you don't genuinely want to please women and you don't want to give them multiple orgasms, listen to another podcast! Real men: Don't become irrationally angry about their girlfriend's sexual history. Instead of obsessing about your partner's past sexual experiences, focus on making your present relationship pleasurable. Just like you've desired other women, they've desired other men. What matters now is that you desire and enjoy each other. Real men don't pound away like a jack hammer during sex. Real men follow Mike Catherwood's three amazing oral sex tips on women (they're good ladies!). Real men understand that sex isn't just about technique or how long you last, it's about having confidence and a good attitude (even if you orgasm in 15 seconds). Real men use vibrators during sex! Real men try to make sex interesting in long-term relationships. And finally, real men don't call women sluts.