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Sep 22, 2015

It’s a widely accepted fact that sex feels good. But for so many ladies out there, it could feel so much better. Today’s podcast is all about different ways for women to amplify their sexual pleasure, from sex toy hacks to orgasmic new medical advances!

Emily takes a call from Dr. Lisbeth Roy, an expert on the new non-surgical procedure called the O-Shot that stimulates the vagina and clitoris to positively impact libido, arousal and orgasm! Dr. Roy breaks down the details and benefits of the innovative new injection, which has produced outstanding results in many patients with no negative side-effects. Then it’s on to your emails! Emily tackles listener questions on finding the right sex toy if you’re a beginner, and finding your mojo after you’ve lost your sexual confidence; loving yourself is step one.

This show is a veritable treasure trove of useful information on how to increase sexual response and pleasure for women. Whether you’ve been going through a hormonal change, a lifestyle change or a masturbatory malfunction, this show is one to tune in to!