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Aug 5, 2014

In this week's podcast Emily is back in the studio with, you guessed it, Menace! In this hilarious podcast Emily and Menace discuss the real story behind Hustler stores, glass dildos, and answer listeners' emails that may shock even the most avid listeners!

We've spent a lot of time talking about going above and beyond in your relationship. Any relationship takes work - especially in the bedroom - which is why it is so important to embrace and explore your own sexuality with no shame or regrets. If your man can’t handle your toys, he doesn’t deserve you! Emily gives advice for ways to help your guy feel more comfortable about using toys (Hello Jimmy Jane Form 2!) which can re-ignite your sex life and provide an amazing experience for both you AND your partner.

Next they move on to the popular subject of “Friends with Benefits”: What do you do if one of you wants more? Menace and Emily provide amusing yet helpful guidance for awkward situations and talk about not settling for sprinkles of attention. Also tackled are topics of swinging, squirting, mismatched libidos and baby mama drama.

Download this week's podcast and learn all about how to improve the relationship you're in, or how to end the relationship that isn't keeping you satisfied inside or outside the bedroom.