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Jun 27, 2014

This show is doubly great because there are not one, but two, very special guests: The first is DeAnna Jordan, relationship & addiction expert. The second is Emily’s big brother, Michael!

Today’s show is all about rules for healthy relationships across the board! DeAnna explains the facts behind love addiction. How do you protect yourself from getting in too deep, too fast? Follow DeAnna’s “No Sex for 90 Days” rule, which is so crazy it just might work.. if you can last that long!

Next, DeAnna gives advice for listeners on how to break out of bad dating patterns by avoiding that person you’re immediately attracted to and exploring other dating types! Also, the importance of being direct, both in relationships and in the bedroom: Why you should have the sex talk before the sex, have the relationship talk before the relationship, and why ladies need to start speaking up about what they want in bed!

Emily and DeAnna answer some listener emails on addiction and relationships, and Emily gets proposed to by a listener ON AIR. Emily might not be ready to tie the knot with a long-time listener, but is she ready to start opening up to the possibility of a relationship? Plus, fans want to know: Is there an Emily Fleshlight in the works? All this and more in this week’s latest Podcast!