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Jun 27, 2015

Today’s show is about casual hookups, friends with benefits, and all different types of non-committal sex.


What exactly constitutes casual sex? Emily and Menace welcome a panel of four single Los Angelenos to navigate the seas of sex without commitment! Together, they share and compare unique personal stories, experiences, and opinions about making love sans the love part. The table offers up their own take on how to hang in this new hookup culture, as well as the quality of one night stand sex and the importance of oral. They also tackle an email that raises the issue of slut-shaming. Is there still a stigma associated with women having casual sex?

This Sex With Emily podcast is a melting pot of stories from singles, sexual experiences, and defining what casual sex is for each person. Whether you’re looking for more, or keeping as little as possible, this show is one everyone can relate to and is not to be missed!