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Jul 30, 2014

It’s that magical time of year again, INTERN SEX TOY REVIEW DAY! But first, Emily shares hilarious adventures from her LA kitchen. Spoiler alert: This one ends with a smoke alarm and a honey bee.

Then we move on to talk about sex and interns! Along with her assistant Lauren, Emily’s newest intern Madison is in the studio to tell tales from her sex drawer, including the story of how her boyfriend accidentally stumbled upon her first vibrator (it’s funny one!), and how it opened up their already scintillating sex life.

Now her sex drawer runneth over, and she has found a new toy that knocks her Magic Bullet right off the shelf: the G-Twist SmartVibe from GoodVibesToys. From external use to internal use to mounting the damn thing, Madison explains her time with the toy that she rates as “Expert Level”. Her advice: start off slow, use A LOT of lube, and when it comes to the “Turbo Boost”, proceed with caution!

Between dishing about penis length and oral sex, Emily talks the benefits of using sex toys with a partner. In all her time as a sexpert, she has never heard a couple regret using toys together. Although if you’ve got one, we definitely want to hear it!

This Podcast is filled with fun stories, Fleshlights and tips to conquer vaginal insecurity! Don’t miss out on the newest Intern Sex Toy Review! In the words of Emily: “Dude, this is gonna rock your world!”