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Jan 22, 2016

On this show, Emily answers a host of your emails on a wide range of topics.  including how to get rough in bed, how to make it work with a larger-than-average member, backdoor bleaching and beyond.

For those who are worried about keeping their sex talk current, Emily and Menace provide a lesson in sex slang terms for 2016. From “dopplebanger” to “thirst-trap” and “masturwait”, they teach you how to work this “hip” new sex slang into your conversations this year — Just use them at your own risk! Also, does being turned on cause you to make riskier decisions? Emily and Menace discuss how arousal may dull your senses.

From serial monogamy to the wonders of lube to what NOT to do to your rear end, this show is packed with pertinent advice for all you lovers out there. Don’t miss it!