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Aug 31, 2013

Swingers Holli and Michael from Playboy Radio’s SWING share everything about living sexy— The swingers parties, dealing with jealousy, and of course the sex. Almost everyday someone asks me, "so what's the deal with swingers?" No, they don't all have ponytails, and they aren't all "crazy." Unless your definition of crazy is having open communication with your partner, and admitting that monogamy doesn't always work for you. Swingers put everything out in the open— they share their fantasies with their partner, ask for consent before trying to have with someone, and tell their partner everything. Swingers have so much trust in their relationships because there is nothing to hide. There is no cheating and lying. Although swingers are largely perceived as "crazy," they have some of the most realistic and unrepressed relationships I've ever seen. Even if you don't want partake in the Swingers lifestyle, there are a lot things people can learn from Swingers and people in open relationships. The great part about open relationships is that you get to create your own rules. You decide on things like, are you allowed to kiss another person? If you go sleep with someone, does that mean you spend the night? Setting up rules forces the couple to communicate about what they expect from the relationship. Enough about relationships, let's get to the sex. Holli and Michael give their best sex tips. Holli, a bisexual swinger, and Michael, who has gone down on A LOT of women, give advice on giving women oral sex. Michael even shares how he gives women multiple orgasms, because why limit yourself to only one orgasm?