Sex With Emily

Guests Tim and Susan Bratton tell us how to revive the passion in married sex. They talk about expanded orgasm technique, the perfect spot on every clitoris, the multi-orgasmic journey, awakening your G-pot, full-bodied orgasms and nipplegasm. Susan has a ridiculous amount of orgasms and everyone’s jealous. Also, female ejaculation and how to seduce her with chocolate.

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Emily goes to a pool party in Los Angeles with a bucket of dildos. The recession means more sex toys because people need to have an orgasm to feel better about their financial situation. Also, ejaculation etiquette, advanced finger technique to use on women, positions for giving the best hand jobs, and the magical G-spot locator.

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Emily's going to a sex party and Menace is going to party with his prom date. Emily and Menace discuss the biggest first date deal-breakers, Harry Potter and the power of the V. Why you should never give your partner your email password and when is the right time to break up. Also, how to give a man a great hand job and Mneace shares how he likes to masturbate. Should Emily give Menace a hand job?

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Emily and Menace's assistant dissect his attitude towards women. It’s not looking pretty. Emotionally detached men, dating with kids, the best ways to meet women, how to undress a woman, and how to avoid STI's. A virgin calls into the show to ask Emily advice. Also, the do's and don'ts of breat play including but no limited to 'motor-boating.'

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