Sex With Emily

This week, Emily and Menace come at you direct from the Gibson Showroom in Beverly Hills for the very first time and the theme of this show is one of Emily’s all time favorites: communication is a lubrication! She’s pulling out all the stops to ensure that by the end of the show, every listener becomes a venerable expert on this vital topic.

Emily shares how communication (or lack thereof) has fared her throughout her romantic history and even helps Menace address some of his own relationship roadblocks along the way. Then the two tackle your sex and dating woes in two new segments, “Emily Please Tell My Partner,” and “Reading Between the Texts.” Together the duo helps decipher your cryptic textual conversations and even relays a difficult message to a listener’s boyfriend by calling him on the air!

Whether you’re looking for steamy new sexual scenarios or you’re wondering if you’re being ghosted, Emily has the insight to set you on track. So if you’re ready to hear a show full of firsts, and improve your interpersonal skills along the way, tune in now!

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In this classic episode of Sex With Emily, the iconic porn star Nina Hartley joins the show opens up about her start in porn, non-monogamy, feminism, and so much more. From handjobs to polyamory and everything in between, the nothing is off limits for this dynamic duo!

Emily and Nina get into the nitty gritty details of uncovering your orgasm, discovering new fetishes and traversing the road to your anal pleasure. Believe it or not, there ARE wrong ways to go about sexual exploration, but these two have the sexpert tips you’ll need to make your journey a smooth and sexy one.

If your sex life has hit a speed bump and you need a few pointers to clear your path to sexual fulfillment, this throwback podcast is not one to pass up! Get advice straight from a living legend of the porn industry, and of course, Emily, too!

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On this show, Emily and Anderson discuss the do’s and dont’s of dating, and explore how to meet the right person no matter what your experience level. Emily also helps a listener take her BJ skills to new heights with an imaginative oral sex hack.

But first, the pair weigh the positives and negatives of dating people in the service industry and explain why visiting your hometown is like visiting your ex. Then it’s time to answer your dating questions: From relying a little too heavily on liquid courage to diving into the post-divorce dating scene, Emily gives the perfect tips to increase your odds of making a new love connection.

Whether you want to spice up your oral sex routine or you’re revisiting romance after a long break, this show is sure to help your cause one way or another!

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On this throwback show from 2013, Emily and Menace dissect the ever-changing dating rituals of love and sex in the 21st century. From the explosion of dating apps to the the birth of the sidechick, they weigh in on the positive and negative effects of these new trends on our collective dating psyche and success.

They also answer answer emails about lying to your partner, office love triangles and making the difficult decision between the “safe guy” and the “bad boy.” She tells the listeners when to give up, give in and maybe even get a new job.

If you’re looking for a stroll down memory lane with Emily, then this classic podcast straight out of the vault will satisfy all your nostalgic needs. Listen to what it was like when Twitter wasn’t such a big deal and Tinder was still in its infancy. Don’t miss it!

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On this show, Emily, Anderson and the newest edition to the Sex With Emily team, Ken, are dishing out advice to help solve some of your most salient sexual setbacks.

The trio tackles a range of email topics from erectile dysfunction to position problems to long distance lovin’ and beyond. Plus, Emily gives a list of sex toy recommendations for newbies and tips on how to keep your masturbation routine off your roommates’ radar. She and her co-hosts also unveil some suspect statistics about pornography and what watching it may or may not reveal about you and your relationship.

Whether you’re looking for new moves to keep your partner hard or you’re dedicated to perfecting the art of doggy-style, this show has the advice to set you on the right track. Don’t miss it!

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On this podcast, Emily welcomes guest and fellow sexologist Amy Jo Goddard to talk about her new book Woman On Fire: 9 Elements to Wake Up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power & Sexual Intelligence. Together, they delve deep into the concepts of sexual desire, empowerment and of course, share a few expert sex tips!

Despite strides that our society has made in the areas of sex positivity and openness, there are still so many of us that have guilt and shame surrounding sex. Amy Jo and Emily discuss what it means to be “sexually broken” and why so many of us feel this way. Amy Jo also outlines her model for sexual empowerment and explains how we can harness our core erotic energy in a positive and creative way.

From healing trauma to cultivating desire to quelling insecurities in your relationship, Amy Jo and Emily have the advice to live a more sexually fulfilled and gratifying life. Empower yourself and listen now!

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This show is dedicated to getting your sex life on the right track, whether that means scheduling your erotic rendezvous, sticking to your bedroom boundaries or expanding your expertise into “other” sorts of oral pleasure.

Sometimes life gets busy, relationships get stale, and sex drives suffer. Emily explains why scheduling time between the sheets with your partner just might be the key to keeping your romance alive and thriving, and shares tips to help make scheduled sex just as hot as the spontaneous variety. She also answers emails from listeners addressing sensitive topics such as sex shaming between partners, uncomfortable sexual pressure and what to do when you want to bang your bestie.

Everyone could use a little push in a new direction every now and then, and Emily is here to deliver it. From fantasy to frequency to fun new oral techniques, this show has the formula to help you keep your sex life fresh. Don’t miss it!

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On this show, Emily welcomes back Brian Howie from the Great Love Debate to pick up where they left off on the topics of love and sex. Together with Menace, they share personal dating experiences, pose provocative questions and try to get to the bottom of how to make sex and love better.

How has dating changed in our app-driven social scene? What makes it so hard for people to get to the 2nd date? How is the dating climate influenced by the environmental climate? These are just a few of the topics Emily and Brian address on their journey to understanding love and relationships on a deeper level. Emily also takes a call from fellow podcaster and comedian Paul Mecurio; they reminisce about their first meeting, his bizarre Paul McCartney story and discuss how he really feels about anal.

If you have any questions about the opposite sex and need a second or third opinion, you’re likely to find the answers you need in this show!

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As we get older and wiser, our dating situations are bound to evolve along with us. From discovering new sexual horizons to being honest with yourself and strong in your goals, this show is all about pointing you in the direction of pleasure and satisfaction.

First on the docket: how to orally please a woman. Going down on a woman can often be a baffling labyrinth of lady-parts, and some guys need help to get it right. Luckily, Emily is here to impart the 3 most important cunnilingus components and explains how to employ them in an expert fashion. She also provides advice on how to decipher a guy’s post-breakup behavior and helps a listener figure out why his girlfriend gave up sex for lent (and more importantly, what to do about it).

Whether you’re looking for oral sex tips, communication pointers or an explanation for why your guy can’t keep his hand out of his pants, Emily’s got the guidance you’re looking for!

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