Sex With Emily

On this episode of Sex With Emily, we’re tackling some of your most personal sex concerns.

So you’ve begun to experience adventurous sex. What are the next steps to keeping it fun and hot after you’ve started? Are you worried that your uncircumcised penis deters women from sleeping with you? Is it all that bad being a virgin at 25? Emily uses her personal experiences to calm these listeners’ worries and answer their sex questions.

Also, how does different music affect your sexy time mood? And what 10 online dating profile faux-pas could you be making? And how will YOU be celebrating International Masturbation Month? From the perks of being a hot chick, to month-long nipple orgasms, this podcast is not one to miss!

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This classic episode of Sex With Emily is all about breakups.  Emily welcomes licensed therapist and author Dr. Rachel Sussman who wrote the book on getting over break ups - No seriously, she wrote a comprehensive guide to ending relationships called The Breakup Bible! Emily and Rachel get into the nitty and gritty of breaking up, including the RIGHT and the WRONG way to deal once the relationship has ended. From Facebook stalking to overtexting, Dr. Rachel addresses some of the common post-breakup behaviors. She and Emily go over the importance of acceptance, self-esteem and, believe it or not, sex drive!

Get some pointers on how to move on from a breakup fluidly, and spot negative relationship patterns in your past on this week’s 2012 classic Sex With Emily podcast!

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On this week’s Sex With Emily podcast, Emily welcomes New York native, sex & relationship therapist, author, and television personality Dr. Chris Donaghue to discuss some common questions in sexuality and intimacy. Is it okay to be a little extra kinky?  What is normal (sexually speaking)? Together, they go in depth about our sociosexual obsession with being “normal,” and brief us on the importance of sexual deprogramming. Dr. Chris talks about his new book Sex Outside The Lines and how he got into sex therapy, not to mention his turn on's and turn off's.

This week’s show is very educational, and is also sure to make you feel great about yourself! Learn how to accept your sexual preferences, ponder the differences between dating and engaging in a committed relationship, and hear Emily do an adorable impression of her mother. Don’t miss it!

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In this classic throwback episode of Sex With Emily from 2012, Emily and Menace address birth control and penis mischief in the news, and answer emails from a few girls with orgasm problems. Also, is your man overstaying his welcome in your home? Have you fallen into a “reverse cowgirl” pattern? Emily and Menace explore the wonders of “handjobs performed on women,” Dunkin’ Donuts, and an unsettling, but comprehensive set of statistics and facts about the ever-present issue of CHEATING.


Fresh out of the vault from 2012, check out this old school Sex With Emily episode! It’s jam-packed with crazy sex in the news, serious sex in relationship issues, and some surprising revelations.  Want a few great “finger-banging” techniques? Need some signs that your partner is cheating on you?  Get these and more on this episode of Sex With Emily!

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On this show, Emily welcomes guest comedian and reality TV personality Danielle Stewart!  Together they discuss past relationships, hookups, and Danielle’s recent hosting gig on the relationship-focused show Sex Box. Emily helps a newly divorced male listener get back into the dating field, and offers some insightful DO’s and DON’TS of online dating. She and her guest also give advice on how to watch for signs of sexual compatibility early on in a dating relationship.  

This episode is chock-full of real life relationship problem-solving! Hear what Emily and Danielle have to say about loving blowjobs, swallowing vs spitting, the madonna/whore complex and more. Don’t miss out on the latest Sex With Emily podcast!

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Tonight’s episode answers the question on many monogamous couples’ minds: How can we spice up our sex life? With the help of Anderson and her assistant Madison, Emily gives tips on how to get adventurous and try new things with your partner, from new sex positions to switching up locations to the lost art of phone sex. The gang also gets into some fun sexting stats: How often are Americans getting freaky with their phones? 

Sure the sex was wild and crazy in the beginning of your romance, but how do you keep things hot past the honeymoon phase? In this show, Emily breaks down those little ways to keep things spicy, long after that new relationship smell wears off. Don’t miss it!

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In this show, Emily and Menace are here to answer of all your sex and relationship questions! Can a Friends With Benefits situation succeed if one person catches the feels? What do you do when you’re both grossed out and turned on by your partner’s porn collection? Can you judge a partner’s sexual performance by the first BJ? And why are women so freaked out about masturbation? Plus, Emily shares some free swingin’ sex in the news and provides a very important PSA on vagina shaming.. Basically, just stop it.

We’ve all got things we need but aren’t getting, both in the bedroom and in our love life. This podcast teaches you the right way to get the sex and relationships you really want - By asking for it! Don’t miss it..

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On today’s show, Emily tackles some of your top sex and relationship relationship questions, including a few you may be too scared to ask.

She and Anderson break down the appeal of doggie style (or as Anderson calls it “animal style”), and get into the topic of mutual masturbation - Why are women so afraid of putting on a show? From brothel testers to office ejaculators to a domestic dispute over eaten salsa, Emily shares some Sex in the News that will make you laugh, cringe and more closely guard your coffee cup.

Is doggie style to blame for your condoms breaking? Does a big penis plus a petite partner equal a major deal breaker? Can you make a relationship work if there’s no clear future? And what disgusting act do you have to worry about if you work in Minnesota? Emily has the answers, and so much more in this episode of Sex With Emily! Check it out..



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Today’s podcast covers two things everyone loves talking about: penis problems and crazy sex laws! Emily and Menace tell you what scandalous sex acts will get you arrested (or worse) around the world, including a few that are pretty close to home, and discuss some trending penis news. They also tackle a few of your emails on paying for dates, coming clean about faking orgasms and, you guessed it, penis size.

This show is full of fun facts and advice to help you get the most out of your sex and relationships without breaking the bank, breaking hearts or winding up in jail in a foreign country. Don’t miss it!

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