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Ready for another Sex With Emily classic?

This week, we’re changing everything you know about the female orgasm. Emily is joined by Nicole Daedone, author of Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm and CEO of One Taste. This lovely lady has made your pleasure HER business, and in this show, she is ready to share her orgasmic knowledge! From the secret to the perfect stroke to the magical art of OM (orgasmic meditation), this podcast will teach women how to unlock new realms of pleasure and teach their partners how to be the guy who brings home the orgasms.

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Did you miss your chance to celebrate Steak & BJ Day the right way? Consider this show your own personal blow job workshop! Variety is the spice of life, and is definitely the key to a mind-blowing blow job. With the help of “Married Anderson”, Emily shares some advice on how to mix up your BJ routine and use all the tools at your disposal, including your lips, tongue, hands and possibly even a toy or two! 

Emily also reads a couple scintillating blow job stories submitted by real-life listeners, and answers a couple of your emails on sex and relationships (and sexless relationships).

From the deep throat to the hummer and everything in between, this show has the tips and tricks you need to make every day your very own BJ day! Don’t miss it - It’s going to blow (your mind)! 


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When it comes to married sex versus single sex, is the grass really greener on the single side? 

In this show, Emily welcomes Lynette Carolla, the host of the hilarious podcast For Crying Out Loud, not to mention wife and mother of two. She and Emily swap stories from their very different dating lives, and Lynette shares her candid opinions on sex, marriage and single-person envy. Plus, after 20 years with the same man, Lynette knows a little something about keeping the sex hot, and is ready to share her wisdom. From her relationship with well-known podcaster Adam Carolla to her personal secret for marital bliss, Lynette holds nothing back.

Whether you’re single, married or stuck somewhere in between, stop wondering if the grass is greener and start putting in the effort to help it grow! This show has the advice you need to get started.. Check it out!

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In this throwback podcast, fresh from the Sex With Emily vault, we’re taking it back to the San Francisco days! Emily is joined by good old Menace to discuss/debate a variety of topics, from robot sex to awkward sex toys to the least embarrassing word for the female anatomy, and share some science-proven secrets to hot sex.

Together, Emily and Menace tackle some of your emails on sex, dating and ejaculation etiquette. At a listener’s request, Emily breaks down the many sexy erogenous zones that you should use to drive your woman wild, and provides a gentleman’s guide to post-sex clean up. The two also break down some common sex myths. Does size really matter? Is semen nutritious? Is it safe to get busy during that time of the month? Emily has the answers and more in this 2011 Sex With Emily classic!

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In this throwback podcast Emily is joined in the studio by the very sexy Kayden Kross, award-winning adult film star, writer, and best-selling Fleshlight model. This bombshell bookworm opens up about her journey into the porn industry (which involves secret stripping and a douchebag pony), her relationship with a fellow adult film star, her mind-blowing oral sex techniques and so much more. She and Emily also take a few call-in questions, and share some important vagina facts. Don't miss it!



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Are your sexual hangups stopping you from having the sex and relationships you’ve always wanted? In this podcast, Emily and Menace answer your emails and give advice to help you overcome your sexual obstacles. Today’s topics include sexual stamina, unexpected bisexual fantasies, fake orgasms, a lack of orgasms and a relationship lacking in sexual chemistry. Plus, a sex in the news story that has everything: Cheating, witchcraft, public fornication, an angry mob, and the medical term for a penis getting stuck inside a vagina (no, not marriage!)

To have a happy and lasting relationship, you need to have great sex - That means open communication, open minds and plenty of orgasms to go around! No matter what sexual roadblocks you might be up against, this podcast has the advice you need to break on through. Check it out!

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In this podcast, Emily and Menace answer your top sex and relationship questions and tackle some current events in the world of sex. Today’s email topics include open relationships, bondage, communication with the Ex and yet another question (or two) on anal play! Also, from public indecency to Penthouse star, Emily and Menace discuss Kendra Sunderland and the rising trend of college webcam girls. Is camming the new American dream? Plus, a firsthand lesson in Sexting With Emily and a story of how oral sex is saving lives..

Whether you’re hoping to spice your sex life up with something new, trying to please the one you love or just trying to pay your way through college, this podcast has the tips you need! Don’t miss it..

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It’s one of the top searched relationship problems on Google and it could be happening to you.. Today’s podcast is all about sexless relationships! Emily breaks down some of those pesky problems that may be hindering your sex life and provides guidance to help you through them.

From mismatched libidos to opposite sex schedules, Emily covers some of the most common sexless relationship questions that she gets asked, and shares tips on how to break through those sexual barriers. She and Menace also discuss the different ways to open up the conversation and suggest new ways to mix things up in the bedroom.


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