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Tonight’s special guest is Susan Pinsky, the First Lady of Loveline, and host of the new podcast Calling out with Susan Pinsky. Susan gets intimate about her sex life with her husband, Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of the Loveline, Celebrity Rehab, and Dr.Drew on Call. Although they have an amazing sex life now, it wasn’t always that way. After having triplets(!), Susan completely lost her sex drive. Her hormone levels plummeted after giving birth and she couldn’t figure out how to reinvigorate her sex life. Her problems were exacerbated with the onset of early menopause. Susan shares her journey to reclaim her sex drive through bioidentical hormones. Finally she found the solution that worked for her and shares how she got her sex drive back right when they received the devastating news of Dr. Drew’s prostate cancer diagnosis. We even talk to Susan’s doctor, Dr. Jennifer Park in Pasadena who specializes in hormone pellet therapy. Mismatched libidos is one of the most common problems in relationships. One partner is enthusiastic about being sexually intimate while the other is subdued. And this takes a toll on the relationship. 48% of people say they are satisfied with their sex life. That’s not enough people. There are many reasons why people’s libido change over the years: Stress Depression Age Lifestyle choices, including: alcohol, drugs, sleep, diet Medication, including antidepressants Lack of sexual enjoyment during sex And of course, kids. You’re bound to fall into one of these categories at some point in your life. Susan and I discuss what you can do if your partner wants more or less sex than you. We end the show with a special call from Susan’s psychic Rebecca Fearing. She gives me an amazing psychic reading on my love life and things to come in the future. Use Coupon Code EMILY for 20% off at Emily & Tony, coupon code EMILY for 15% off at Good Vibrations (some exclusions apply), and coupon code Emily25 for 35% off at Crazy Girl. Check out Promescent for lasting longer in bed. 

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Manscaping is perhaps the most underrated beauty ritual. No Shave November is coming to a close, gentleman. While women are told over and over again to have hairless bodies, most men traipse around like hairy beasts.A man might say his hair makes him masculine and rugged. Don’t get me wrong, I want to pet Jon Hamm’s chest hair all night, but a lot of women aren’t into hairy balls.I’m not saying you should shave yourself bare or shave an arrow leading to your penis (please don’t), but I recommend spending time taming the mane and manscaping.In the show I interview Anthony Sosnick,Founder and CEO of Anthony Brands, on the best manscaping techniques, from trimming to shaving. Also, what horrible thoughts do men think of to prevent premature ejaculation? Also, will letting a woman paint your toenails help you get lucky? Use coupon code EMILY for 20% off your first purchase at Emily & Tony.

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BDSM means six things: Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism. My guest, fellow sex podcaster Sex Nerd Sandra, and I are ironing out the kinks in your relationship, whether you’re new to the BDSM or waiting for the perfect time to whip out the ropes and assless leather. First, we discuss women having less orgasms than men during one-night-stands. SHOCKER. We talk about why women aren’t orgasming like crazy, and why some guys don't know how to please women... yet. I know guys talk about their penis a lot, but how often do they talk to their friends about how to pleasure a woman? Le sigh, if only all women could orgasm at the drop of a hat or click of a camera. Wait, there is a actually a woman who insta-orgasms when she hears the click of a camera. She must really like taking selfies. If you can’t give a woman an orgasm by whispering sweet nothings in her ear, we will tell you how to do it. Next, Sandra and I take callers and give our advice about BDSM and humping inanimate objects. Then we answer the question, should I stay with my boyfriend even though he loves me a lot more than I love him? When should you cut your ties... and when should you get tied up? Special Offer for listeners of Sex with Emily: BDSM with Guest Sex Nerd Sandra If you want to change your love life check out: Emily and Tony, Promescent, Crazy Girl, and Good Vibrations. Use coupon code EMILY for 20% off your first purchase at Emily and Tony. Use coupon code EMILY25 at checkout for 25% off your purchase at Crazy Girl. Use coupon code EMILY for 15% off at Good Vibrations (some restrictions apply).

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Pro Dominatrix and Author Jaeleen Bennis shows you the ropes on bondage play. She mixes massage with kink, showing couples how to have more adventurous sex. She created the practice of Bondassage, which mixes erotic massage with bondage. Start by lighting up my Emily & Tony Massage Candle (when lit it turns into the most luxurious, warm massage oil) and pour it onto your partners body. Relax them with a back massage... and then the real fun begins. Bring out the straps and floggers, and start exploring your partner's erogenous zones. We explain how you can tell if your partner likes what you're doing. Hint: If their toes are moving around like crazy, you're doing something right. Jaeleen also gives tips on how to give men an anal massage. Gentleman, it's time you invited someone into your backdoor. Remember to always establish a safe word like "pickle" for when things get out of hand.

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So you want to have a threesome? I'm laying down the law on how to do it right. It has to be her idea, and I'll tell you how to make that happen. Do not casually suggest that you have a threesome with her best friend. She's not going to like it. If you want to have a threesome, you must be extremely strategic and cunning. I'll show you how to do it without having it end in a jealous hot mess. Next, I talk about men who prefer to wear women's panties (have no shame, women's undies are just better). Then I answer the question of who I'd rather sleep with, Mike Catherwood or Dr.Drew? And lastly, I tell all the ladies how to have an incredible orgasm during sex, because that's what I'm here for. If women start having more orgasms, I know I'm doing my job. Enjoy your weekend whether you are having a Menage a Trois, exploding with orgasms, or traipsing around in ladies underwear.

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A guy calls into the show for some advice on how to perform cunnilingus. He realizes that every woman is different and he shouldn't go straight for the clitoris, but wants to know specifically how to lick it. Also, do heels prevent women from having orgasms? Does sitting in chairs turn you on? Is the clitoris actually bigger than a penis? Does having a hang-over make you want to do it, or just curl up in the fetal position and question your existence? Some food for thought while you're waiting for your main course of the show. Cunnilingus, it's what's for dinner.

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