Sex With Emily

At one point or another, all relationships run into problems and this podcast is here to help guide you along the sometimes perilous path to relationship happiness. Is your relationship working? Should you stay or should you go? And how do you get over an unexpected breakup? Emily offers advice on some of your trickiest sex and dating troubles.


How happy are you with your relationship? Emily and Menace help 5 listeners figure out the next steps to calming their unique relationship qualms. Are you starting to have feelings for someone else? Are you nervous about trying new things in bed? Maybe you’re just bored and don’t know what to do to spice things up. Whatever your hang-up, Emily gives guidance and tips that can be applied to any relationship in need of boost.


From heartbreak to jealousy, long-term relationships to open relationships, this Sex With Emily podcast is all about navigating the seas of dating and commitment. For tips on how to get happier in love, check it out!


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Today’s show is about casual hookups, friends with benefits, and all different types of non-committal sex.


What exactly constitutes casual sex? Emily and Menace welcome a panel of four single Los Angelenos to navigate the seas of sex without commitment! Together, they share and compare unique personal stories, experiences, and opinions about making love sans the love part. The table offers up their own take on how to hang in this new hookup culture, as well as the quality of one night stand sex and the importance of oral. They also tackle an email that raises the issue of slut-shaming. Is there still a stigma associated with women having casual sex?

This Sex With Emily podcast is a melting pot of stories from singles, sexual experiences, and defining what casual sex is for each person. Whether you’re looking for more, or keeping as little as possible, this show is one everyone can relate to and is not to be missed!

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On this episode of Sex With Emily we’re talking about the wonders of pegging, oral sex, adventurous sex and so much more! Emily and Anderson cover some trending Sex in the News topics including sex dolls that can talk dirty and the recent rise of the strap-on -- yes, you read that right.


Are you interested in jumping on the pegging train, but don’t know how to get your partner on board? Is your long-time lover not into trying new things between the sheets? Emily answers a handful of listener emails, and gives tips to help bridge the communication gap and get what you want in the bedroom.

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If there’s one thing we can be sure that everyone wants, it’s better sex. This show is all about elevating your sex life, finding out what makes you (and your partner) feel good in bed! Whether you’re in search of the perfect position, having toy troubles, or are just looking to spice it up, Emily’s got the answers for you on today’s Sex With Emily podcast!


Do you know how to prime yourself for sex toy play? Are you hesitant to turn your twosome into a threesome? Are you a little bit curious about the C.A.T. position? Emily answers some of your top sex questions and shares some sexy and healthy Sex in the News - Does your runner’s high extend to your private parts?


From romancing yourself to pleasuring your partner to incorporating sex-ed into your household dialogue, this Sex WIth Emily podcast is not one to miss!


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On this show, Emily welcomes guest erotic photographer, director and host of Playboy TV’s “Adult Film School,” Holly Randall. Along with Menace, the two talk sex tapes, sexual confidence and the tricks to taking the perfect selfie.


What’s your wildest fantasy? Ever thought of filming it? Holly shares her experiences helping couples create their own erotic movies and breaks down the most popular on-screen fantasies, including the ones that most turn her on. She also helps Emily answer an email on porn in the bedroom  -- at what point does it start to be a problem?


From French maids, to firemen, to a sexy fast food mascot, this show is all about taking fantasies and making them a reality on film. Learn everything you need to heat it up for the camera, for your partner or just for yourself. Don’t miss it!


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Oral sex. Everyone loves getting it, but how good are you at giving it? Do you know how to eat from her honey pot? Do you give homerun head? Whether you’re a man or a woman, an expert or a novice, everyone could get better at going down, and in this podcast, Emily is here to help!

She tackles your most pressing sex questions, from oral sex insecurities to tips for sensitive gag reflexes to A to V etiquette, and gives her #1 oral sex tip for both men and women.


This show is your one stop, all inclusive, need-to-know guide for going down like a champ. From cunnilingus, to fellatio, and everywhere in between, Emily dishes the knowledge you need on today’s Sex With Emily podcast.

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Have you ever wondered why things seem so much sexier in summer? In this podcast, we’re getting into the topic of sizzling summer sex -- Emily breaks down actual scientific facts and statistics to explain why we’re all so turned on and ready to mingle during the hot-weather months and provides tips to help you turn up the heat on your bedroom routine. She also answers emails from a couple listeners who are looking to improve their relationships on both emotional and sexual levels, and shares her latest dating epiphany.

Whether you’re single, dating or in a serious relationship, this podcast has the tips and tricks you need for the perfect summer-lovin’ to fit your lifestyle. Don’t miss it..

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In today’s show, Emily’s getting down and dirty with advice for people who LOVE sex, and want to have more of it! Emily shares some startling statistics on STD’s, discusses her favorite things about fellatio, and tackles some of your emails.


Is your relationship ready for anal sex? When you lose your orgasm, where does it go? Can sex ever be 100% safe? Emily addresses these listener questions, and shares some tried and true ways to overcome your “O-block”.


Whether you’ve been worrying about your sexual health, have reservations about butt stuff, or you just want your girlfriend to sext you more, this Sex With Emily podcast has the answers you need. Don’t miss it!

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On today’s show, Emily welcomes fellow podcaster and dating expert Anna David to tackle the topic of online dating. Together, Emily and Anna dish on personal preferences, dating disasters, and uncanny coincidences they’ve come across while perusing the cybersphere for romance.


Why does every guy on Hinge play guitar? What’s with all the tigers on Tinder? Why isn’t anyone responding to your messages? Emily and Anna have answers to these questions, plus tips and tricks to help you find success with some of the more popular dating apps.

Online dating is the new frontier of love, and this podcast is full of advice to help you do it right! Don’t miss it..

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