Sex With Emily

From your  sex "number" to how much you hate their family, body, and job, Emily lays out all the things you should never share with your significant other.

Emily and Menace share bizarre early sexual encounters, German nymphomaniacs are running riot, and everyone's losing friends during a breakup.

Also, an older man who needs to pay more attention to foreplay and a game of "I've never" goes awry.

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Emily is throwing a Kegel Camp Keger and Menace is having a Taco Bell truck at his future wedding. A 99-year-old man divorces his wife for cheating him in 1940, your penis is probably bigger than you think it is, and you should never introduce your ex-boyfriend to your current boyfriend.

Emily shares how to seduce women from intellectual foreplay to subtle compliments, from conversation to getting laid. Emily breaks down how women can be better in bed by initiating more sex, caring less about what you look like during sex, and acknowledging that for many men sex is much more than a casual act.

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You can't have sex without taking your clothes off, but the importance of undressing is often underappreciated. Emily walks you through the art of going bare, from dealing with bra straps and buttons to awkward male strip teases.

'Carmaggedon' and its effect on Los Angelean vaginas, Vladimir Putin fights tigers and keeps his wife in a castle so he can bang models. Jack Rabbit sex gets a bad rap as it should and Menace compares Emily’s and Albert Einstein's brains.

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Emily and Menace party together at Dolores Park in San Francisco and Emily is happy to have a dog free weekend with wine and friends.

Gay porn interrupts a Canadian news show, a night club for Mormons without alcohol (shock), the Indian Burn hand job and marrying your lesbian girlfriend.

The pros and cons of dating someone at work--sex, gossip and jealousy. It’s can be tricky idea but lots of fun when you sneak off to have sex in an empty office. It creates a happy work environment. That is until you break up.

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Emily celebrate 4/20 by doing a show on vanilla sex and sex on drugs. Emily's dog pees on everything, and when are emoticons okay-- how many smiley faces are too many smiley faces? A sex bucket list for women, how marijuana mixes with sex and what to  do when your girlfriend is a lesbian.

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This is a Best of Sex with Emily. This show first aired on September 14, 2011. Why the majority of women fake orgasms, an awesome way to deal with mutual divorce or breakups, what is a clitoral pump?, getting too aroused before sex, what to do when your friends start dating, the biggest reason NOT to have a threesome, going green with your sex toys, how long Emily will entertain a "grenade," the best types of wingwomen, how to help your friends hookup, knowing when to walk away as a wingman, the easiest conversation starter EVER, good ways to project yourself as available, and the benefits of a guy using a wingwoman.

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Emily’s lesbian neighbors are having loud sex and a listener suggests she use a complaint form. However, Emily has Bravo camera crews going in and out of her apartment. Her neighbors might fill out a complaint form too.

There's no attractive people at the chocolate festival says an eye-witness reporter, Hong Kong isn't getting laid, and good champagne is hard to come by. Chin jobs are on the rise and to how to talk about fantasies with your partner.

Emily talks to author Rachel Kramer Bussel about the BDSM novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' erotica, bondage, and cupcakes.

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It's Friday the 13th - are you getting lucky or screwed? April showers bring May flowers - Emily lays out the facts about female ejaculation and orgasm. Menace is skeptical about female ejaculation and objects about the messiness of it. Emily tries to explore Menace's sex life and Menace turns the tables and analyzes Emily’s relationship.

CEO's get greedy with girls and money, and the dangers of baldness medicine and boners. A newly divorced guy needs condoms, the straight talk about thread count and wine, and doing Reverse Kegels. Masturbating too much, Taco Bell's latest achievements, and the ten things all men want in bed.

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Emily has intense commitment issues with making weekend plans.Sharing your past sexual exploits with your current partner, cradling your clitoris, and having messy sex without a laundromat nearby.

Barbie Davenporte, writer for LAWeekly's sex blog AfterDarkLA shares her biggest anal sex tip, the top five condoms people don't know about, getting painted nude, homemade masturbation devices and pubic hairstyles.

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Emily attended the Hunky Jesus Festival and teaches her dog to fetch. Menace is on a champagne kick and is in love with Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence. Circumcised vs. uncircumcised penises, nice guys trying to find love, and writer Oscar Raymundo talks about gay dating and Instagram on the show. How many self-portraits are too many self-portraits and how do you actually date someone by following them on Instagram.

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