Sex With Emily

In this show, Emily is breaking down a variety of sex tips and topics to help you step up your bedroom routine. Today’s topics include the right way to give oral, the wrong way to get busy and tricks to keep your sexual confidence going strong in a long term relationship.

Does your partner’s jackhammer habit leave you sexually unsatisfied? Feeling fed up with lackluster foreplay? Has your confidence in the bedroom taken a recent dive? If any of these issues ring true for you, then Emily has tools you need to tackle them head-on.

From dick pics to sultry snapchats to homemade dental dams, this show is stacked with hilarious anecdotes on a range of lighthearted topics, not to mention plenty of advice to pull you out of your sexually unsatisfied slump. Don’t miss it!

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All September long, Sex With Emily is taking us back to sex ed basics, and on today’s show Emily is  answering some of your top sex questions, and she’s handing out plenty of sex-tra credit. Are you falling short when it comes to handies and BJs? Having trouble finding your phallic foreplay forte? Whether you’re struggling to find your sexual confidence or you’ve just lost your sexual rhythm, Emily gives detailed explanations of specific steps you can take to remedy these carnal conundrums. Also, learn how to turn up your partner’s volume in bed and get expert pointers on flirting at the gym!

Whatever your sexual stumbling block, this show is sure to teach you a thing or two. Learn how to blow like a pro and handle him like a hotshot on this episode of Sex With Emily.

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It’s a widely accepted fact that sex feels good. But for so many ladies out there, it could feel so much better. Today’s podcast is all about different ways for women to amplify their sexual pleasure, from sex toy hacks to orgasmic new medical advances!

Emily takes a call from Dr. Lisbeth Roy, an expert on the new non-surgical procedure called the O-Shot that stimulates the vagina and clitoris to positively impact libido, arousal and orgasm! Dr. Roy breaks down the details and benefits of the innovative new injection, which has produced outstanding results in many patients with no negative side-effects. Then it’s on to your emails! Emily tackles listener questions on finding the right sex toy if you’re a beginner, and finding your mojo after you’ve lost your sexual confidence; loving yourself is step one.

This show is a veritable treasure trove of useful information on how to increase sexual response and pleasure for women. Whether you’ve been going through a hormonal change, a lifestyle change or a masturbatory malfunction, this show is one to tune in to!

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On today’s show, Emily welcomes Suicide Girl and unapologetic sex-enthusiast Moxi Cox to talk everything from sex toys to nontraditional relationships to new levels of kink!


Moxi is a blogger, sex educator, radio personality and psychology student, not to mention a model for the popular Suicide Girls site. From sexually conservative beginnings to the world of nude modeling, Moxi chronicles her journey to sexual discovery, opens up about her favorite sex products and shares tips on what it takes to find success in an open relationship. She also helps Emily answer a listener email on getting your partner to turn up the kink. If you’re interested in taking your sex life from fluff to rough, these ladies have advice to help you get the hard-lovin’ you’re hankering for.

This episode of Sex With Emily is your one-stop, fully stocked hour-long block of hot sex talk with Moxi Cox. From favorite sexual experiences to favorite porn picks, and even her favorite way to orgasm, this is a whole lotta show that you don’t want to be left out of!

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September at Sex With Emily is all about getting back to sex basics and on today’s show, Emily is giving a lesson on the most essential principle of sex, love and dating: communication! Are you trying to find the perfect way to express your sexual needs and desires to a partner? Are you struggling to be the lover you know you can be? From sexual stamina to FWB’s to an unfulfilled craving for rough lovin’, all roads lead to better sexual communication and Emily has tips to guide the way.


This episode also gets in depth on another significant Sex Ed basic: condoms! We’re all aware of the importance of contraceptives, but so many of us buy, store, and use them incorrectly. Luckily, Emily is here to steer us in the right prophylactic direction with comprehensive tips for condom use.

Today’s show is a must-listen for those looking to step up their satisfaction in the sex department. Whether you’re looking for more sex, longer-lasting sex, rough sex or casual sex, Emily gives guidance on how to talk about (and get) what you want in the bedroom. Don’t miss it!

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This week, Emily is joined by guest co-host Lynette Carolla from the For Crying Out Loud podcast. Together, the dynamic duo ponder some of the most popular yet puzzling sexual predicaments and dive into a veritable variety of sex topics, including sex toys, g-spots, the best oral sex methods, and the appeal of threesomes! It might be one of the most popular fantasies, but can your twosome handles the addition of a third? Emily shares some helpful hints to quench your threeway thirst.


Also discussed: How to handle mismatched libidos in an otherwise untroubled relationship, how to make your way INTO the friend zone (when everyone else is struggling to get out!), plus some much-needed tips on lube logistics.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect toy, the perfect blowjob, or would like to be the perfect partner, this show has something for everyone, so don’t miss it!

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On today’s show, Emily addresses some real relationship hardships regarding fantasies, sexual hangups, marriage and more.


How do you keep your partnership happy and healthy when the sex is the elephant in the room? What’s the difference between a fantasy, fetish and obsession, and how do you cope when your partner can’t satisfy yours? Or what if your fiancee just plain “isn’t into sex?” Emily gives thoughtful advice on tackling these difficult issues, and shares tips on how to take the first step into the dating pool if you have little or no experience.

Today’s Sex With Emily podcast is jam-packed with interesting facts and helpful suggestions about how to handle complicated relationship problems, paired with some lighthearted Sex in the News. Don’t miss out on the variety of valuable insights and sexual expertise that this show has to offer.

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This week, Emily is joined by guest host Lynette Carolla of the For Crying Out Loud podcast, as well as comedian, actress and best-selling author Heather McDonald. Together, this powerhouse trifecta of female podcasters dish on the latest celebrity scandals, secrets for having a lasting marriage and, of course, sex!


What does it mean if you and your partner are “bread and butter boners?” And how often should a married couple be getting it on? Heather, Lynette and Emily discuss how to handle arguments with your spouse, what you can do to bring the sexy back to your marital bed, blow jobs, breast play, fantasies and more.

If you’re looking for some raw, unfiltered female conversation, then this Sex With Emily podcast is for you. Hear Emily, Heather and Lynette break down the components of a happy marriage and great sex, and share their tips for having it all.

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Today is everyone’s favorite day at the Sex With Emily podcast. That’s right, it’s Sex Toy Review Day and the gang’s all here! Emily and her trusty team are reviewing innovative new products, and providing new insight on some old favorites. From the game-changing “kegel exerciser meets Rabbit vibrator” to the newly liberated Magic Wand rechargeable, and even a Fleshlight or two, the SWE team members share their individual experiences and give helpful hints to guide you to your sex toy success!

Are you looking for a way to strengthen your orgasms? Could your goodie drawer use some fun new upgrades? Today’s show is all about bringing pertinent sex toy information straight to you, the listeners. So tune in and get ready to talk toys!

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