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Today’s sex toy review show comes with a twist! The Sex With Emily squad takes you through the four main types of orgasms women can experience and shares their favorite toys to help you get there.

From clitoral to G-spot to blended and multiples, Emily breaks down these pleasure bombs and explains exactly how to achieve them. She and her trusty team trade toy tips and share naughty masturbation stories, some of which might just make you blush.

Whether you’re a clit queen, a G-spot graduate or a multiple O master, this show has what you need to broaden your orgasmic horizons. Conclude Masturbation Month with a bang and tune in!

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On this show, Emily has answers for your every sex and relationship question! From oral sex uncertainty to mismatched libidos, she’s doling out the tips you need to turn your troubles around.

But first, Emily and Menace discuss a study suggesting that those engaging in illicit sexual affairs make more noise in bed— so much for keeping it “hush hush.” And speaking of cheating, Emily helps one listener address his urges to step outside of his marriage. She also gives guidance to a couple with desperately disparate sex drives and a woman who wishes her boyfriend would last just a little longer in bed.

If you’re struggling with the state of your relationship, your sexual stamina or the realities of monogamy, this show has advice to point you in the right romantic direction and restart your erotic engine. Don’t miss it!

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This throwback show from 2014 is all about the importance of kissing. From the first light peck to the full body make out, Emily tells you how to pucker up like a pro and sweep any partner off of their feet.

Emily and Anderson discuss some important “frenching” do’s and don’ts, swap awkward first kiss stories, and Emily shares her number 1 trick for creating your own perfect smooch! She also answers some listener emails: topics include how to stay hard during long foreplay sessions, making missionary more pleasurable, and what to do when pornography becomes a problem.

You might think you’ve got making out down, but this classic show gives you those extra tips you need to become a master of the tongue tango.

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We’ve all got our own ways of showing ourselves the love, so to speak, but sometimes we may need a little help getting in the mood. In this show, Emily takes us through her top tips for getting into the masturbation mindset!

Are you rushing through your self-love sessions? Getting O-Blocked by stress? When it come to fantasizing, does your mind draw a blank? Whether you’re new to solo sex or would simply like to step up your self-love game, Emily has tips to help you create a sensual space, think sexy thoughts and make masturbation into an erotic experience from the moment you hit the bedroom until the last climactic stroke. Also, advice for a listener on how to organize the perfect orgy and an interesting study on lady Gorillas that reminds us that sexuality is anything but black and white.

From marijuana to meditation to kicking your dog out of the bedroom, this podcast is packed with tips to help you find your perfect path to self-pleasure. Dim the lighting, lay back and enjoy the ride!

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Masturbation Month is still in full swing, and we’re continuing the self-love celebration with a throwback podcast from May 2015! Emily breaks down the benefits of masturbation, and explains how mastering your own pleasure will propel your sex life to a whole nother echelon. Get special self-love tips for both men and for women, and learn what’s new in stimulating yourself.

So who came up with Masturbation Month anyway? Emily enlightens us on the origins of the month-long celebration, shares tips on how to locate your elusive G-spot, and provides her top picks for new sex toys to add to your repertoire. Make this May the month you try some different masturbation methods—Nipple orgasm, anyone?

No matter what your masturbation question, this classic show is sure to have the answer to your every self-love quandary. So pick a (G)spot, get comfortable and don’t miss out on this classic Sex With Emily!

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On this show Emily is joined by award winning porn star, producer and all-around trans trailblazer Venus Lux.

Hailing from San Francisco, Venus is a venerable pioneer in the LGBT community. She shares intimate details about coming out, transitioning and staking her claim in the adult industry. From dating to dominating to polyamory and pubic hair, Venus speaks passionately on a range of love and sex topics. Emily even employs her expertise in answering a listener’s email about post-op insecurity.

No matter your orientation or gender this show is sure to teach you a lesson or two about the porn industry, gender identity and trans visibility. Listen now!

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It’s the season for pleasin’ yourself, but some of you may still have some masturbatory doubts. In this self-loving show, Emily addresses 3 of the most common masturbation questions she gets asked: how to do it, why we do it and where to find that elusive G-spot.


Self-loving sounds easy enough, right? Well, when you consider factors like clitoral hypersensitivity, G-Spot uncertainty and masturbation in a relationship, it can quickly become a confusing activity. Emily tackles these topics and more, providing a rundown on masturbation basics along with a detailed G-Spot location guide.

From wishbones to walnuts to self-love in space, this show will render you a bonafide masturbation expert. So get out there and start touching yourself!

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On this show Emily is joined by the funny and talented ladies of the Wild Horses improv team. Together with Menace, they dive deep into their masturbatory memories and explore their sexual desires in a good old-fashioned Sex With Emily roundtable discussion.

Mary, Lauren, Erin and Stephanie open up about their respective experiences dating in the L.A. comedy scene, weigh in on the worst parts of porn, and divulge some of their deepest fantasies. The ladies produce quick and dirty answers to Emily’s top 5 sex questions, and help her answer an email on body insecurities in the bedroom.

From sexual improv and surprising turn ons to a real live simulated Harry Potter role-play, this show is packed with excitement. If you want to get wild with the Wild Horses and Emily, grab a saddle and have a listen!

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Happy Masturbation Month! Summer’s right around the corner and the weather outside is heating up… but for some, things might be getting lukewarm in the bedroom. On this show, Emily offers one way to keep the sex in your relationship fresh and exciting, no edible undies or handcuffs required.  

There comes a point in every relationship when it’s necessary to try something new in the bedroom. You may have heard of role-playing as an option...but never like this. Emily offers 4 simplified scenarios that retain the novelty of role-playing without all the corny costumes and cheesy lines. Then it’s on to emails.. Have you and your partner suffered a dirty talk disaster? Did you lose your orgasm somewhere along the way? Emily has the answer to your every sexy situation gone wrong.

Whether you’re looking for an easy way to spice things up with your partner or you need to clean up a bedroom mistake or two, this show has everything you need—no playing!

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