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This week, I’m talking to Kayden Kross, the award winning porn star, writer, and model for the best-selling Fleshlight.  This bombshell bookworm and I get into everything from how the brain can be a powerful turn on to some exciting hands on (literally) oral sex tips. Kayden has tricks for both guys and girls and she’s also talking about how a douchebag pony got her into the adult entertainment industry, so you don’t want to miss out!

Ever wonder what the number 1 thing is that you need to know about the vagina? What about whether or not a guy can last too long in bed? All your questions answered and more on the latest episode of Sex With Emily.

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This week, I’m talking spanking, sexual confidence, and swingers with award winning adult entertainer Chanel Preston. This is Chanel’s second appearance on my podcast, you can listen to her first visit here, and this time we’re exploring Naked with Chanel, her new sex education based web series.

I’m giving you tips for clean anal sex, how erotica can bring you and your partner closer together and how doing Kegel exercises (especially with the Kegel Camp app) can give you stronger ejaculations. We also get into whether or not it’s difficult to date as a pornstar (or as a sex talk show host.). Plus, we’re still recovering from last week’s call about “dick cheese.”

How can you have foreplay all day? We’ll tell you how and why it will improve your sex life. We’re exploring that and more in the latest Sex With Emily podcast.

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In this week’s podcast, Emily reunites with Menace for a show to answer all of your most burning questions. Today’s topics include hygiene and why it matters more than you think, tips for enhancing masturbation that will make sex better (remember, May is Masturbation Month!) and what to do if your wife doesn’t like performing oral sex.

Emily checks in with Menace (and his penis) and the two discuss Emily’s experience of including sex toys with her sexual partners. Guess what toy was on Emily’s list this week? Emily also gives some great advice on how to freshen up for your date, ie: hygiene etiquette. A listener gets help with the ins and outs of manscaping, but explains there is no perfect way to please every woman.

Emily explains why only 30% of women have orgasms during intercourse. Plus the facts you need to know about the female orgasm and how to make sure she has more, and more and more!

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This week Emily sits down with Caleb Bacon, Host of the Man School Podcast and an LA-based writer, to talk relationship tips, Kegels for men and how getting comfortable in his own skin led him to proposing to his love just last week!

Emily also answers emails from you including how to give a better BJ even with that pesty cotton mouth, how guys can go after the woman they want, even if she seems out of his league. How complimenting and appreciating your partner is one of the main tips to a successful relationship. Plus, what to do if your boyfriend comes home from a “Work trip” and his penis smells like cheese (We can’t make this stuff up.)

Also, wonder what sex toy Emily wishes she could give to everybody? Emily answers these questions and more on this weeks podcast.

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On today’s show Emily sits down with Garren James, the founder of, the male escort service for straight women. The service has become so successful that Showtime’s hit series Gigolo is based on his business.

Why would women pay for a date with a hot, hunky, educated man? The service is for straight, successful, busy women who are looking for the “boyfriend experience” on their time and their terms. Garren explains that it’s not about sex, it’s about companionship with a man who knows exactly how to treat a woman right.

But what do these men have to offer that other men can’t seem to provide?

The escorts know how to treat a woman right by providing companionship, excitement, and most of all making her feel beautiful and desired. The escorts must have swagger, education, good looks, and preternatural charm. Garren divulges tips for all men who want to become the object of every woman’s fantasy. They discuss what Garren looks for in his employees, right down to the grooming tips and etiquette. As the conversation grows, Garren comes up with an interesting proposition for Emily. Check out the show to find out more!

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On today’s podcast, Emily answers your most pressing questions about the benefits of masturbation, tips for first time anal sex, and how to deal with the anxiety when you’re with a more experienced lover.

May is masturbation month! Make sure you celebrate as often as possible, Emily reviews ways to exercise your PC muscles by doing Kegel exercises (Kegel Camp app will help you) while you masturbate to help you have better sex. You’re really going to get to know yourself this month if you take time to explore your body even more.

Having trouble talking to your partner about sex? Emily explains how to start the conversation with your partner so you can ask for what you want in the bedroom and find out what your partner needs.

Ready to try something new? Or are you looking for tips on an old favorite? Emily and Anderson of the The Film Vault podcast discuss some great tips on how to successfully enjoy the pleasures of anal sex. Please send all your sex and relationship questions to

Also take our ten second Survey, just click on the banner over to the right of our page. Even better Sex with Emily is just a click away.

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This week Kelly Shibari, the BBW Performer of the Year and Penthouse Forum’s first-ever plus-size cover model, joins Emily to talk squirting, her secret blowjob tips and the history of Shibari- the ancient Japanese art of rope bondage.

Emily interviews this media producer turned groundbreaking porn superstar about what it’s like to be the only plus-sized Fleshlight model, tentacle porn and who her favorite erotica writer is. Learn why Emily loves bondage tape and how having a false eyelash fall off mid-scene taught Kelly about body confidence and what men really crave when they’re watching porn!

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