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On today’s throwback show, Emily sat down with the stars of the Showtime series Submission, Ashlynn Yennie & Skin Diamond, to talk about the truth behind the BDSM subculture.

The two women give us a glimpse into their own sex lives, both on and off screen, as well as the erotic nature of consent in a true dom/sub relationship, and a description of their hot shared sex scene. Plus, Emily talks about a post break up revenge scheme that is as hilarious as it is spoilsome.

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On today’s show, Emily is joined by Bulletproof founder and Headstrong author Dave Asprey to talk about ways to biohack your sex life to make you happier and healthier.

The pair discuss the distinct health benefits of orgasms for men and women, how limiting how often you ejaculate can actually make you more productive, why stress is the number one killer of libido, how to pinpoint why your sex drive is lower than you want it to be, and why hacking your sex life can motivate you in all aspects of your life.

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On today’s show, Emily is helping you get your relationships and your sex lives back on track by taking calls and answering emails.

She gives some tell-tale signs that your relationship isn’t moving at a healthy pace, ways to effectively work through an affair, why you have to let you partner know right away if sex is causing you pain, and how to get past your jealousy over your partner’s relationship with a sex toy.

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On today’s show, Emily is joined by sex educator and author, Dr. Sadie Allison, and the two go deep into all things sex – because what else would two sexperts do?

The two talk about the fine lines between sexual pleasure and pain, specific tips for clitoral foreplay and the lost art of the handjob, how to really talk to your kids about sex and masturbation, why slow, sensual touch is so arousing and how to work with your body to have a more satisfying and orgasmic life. Plus, they reveal the number one thing men crave in bed and it may not be what you think.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Since all you listeners are like Emily’s extended family, we’re bringing you a bonus show this week, to show how much we all appreciate you.

Emily’s taking your calls and giving simple ways to ease into mindful sex, how to evolve your sexual compatibility, using porn as an appetizer for sex, and not the entree, and tips for channeling your inner sex goddess, even when you’re not that experienced. So celebrate the day of love with us!

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On today’s show, Emily’s taking your calls and helping you get through all your sex and relationship quandaries.

She gets to the bottom of when phone sex is actually considered cheating, how to practice brutal honesty in open relationships, the challenges around revealing your sex positivity when your peers might not be ready to accept it, and ways to heal so you can take your life back after an unhealthy relationship. Plus, she reveals what the top fantasies are for women, and why it’s time to let the cat out of the bag.

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On today’s show, Emily is speaking with the founders of We-Vibe about their journey to create the “perfect” couples’ toy and, of course, helping you have better sex and relationships.

She talks about how to get comfortable with a relationship when you’re super set in your single ways, the best ways to make your multiple orgasm dreams a reality, and what REALLY makes great sex – and it’s a lot easier than you think.

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On today’s episode, Emily’s sharing some of the most open and insightful conversations with sexologists she’s hosted over the past few years.

Emily speaks with sexual empowerment coach Amy Jo Goddard, sex therapist Hernando Chavez, teacher and porn star legend Nina Hartley, and sex educators Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg about a range of topics. From the basics of sex to ways to ease into back door play to non-traditional relationships, this show has a piece for everyone to learn and enjoy. Thank you for supporting our sponsors who keep the show FREE: RXBar, UVee, Intensity, and Adam & Eve

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On today’s show, Emily and her team are talking all things Valentine’s Day – from unique and sexy ideas to their favorite toys to ways to take the pressure off planning AND expectations.

The team talks about what makes a great Valentine’s Day, why it’s beneficial to exchange ideas on what you want instead of being surprised, and why it’s important to carve out some time for self-love. Plus, they give tips on how to up the dirty talk “ante,” embracing your kinkier side – no matter what your experience level is, and the best positions to enjoy a well-endowed man. Get ready, because this is not your typical V-Day discussion.

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