Sex With Emily

In this show, brought to you live from the Sexual Health Expo in Los Angeles, Emily welcomes 3 guest sex experts to cover a smorgasbord of sex and love topics. From bedroom communication to play parties and more, this show is full of tips to help you strengthen your relationship, turn up the kink, and explore alternative lifestyles.

In the course of an hour, America’s favorite sex geek Reid Mihalko gives his number one blowjob tip, certified MFT Jennie Steinberg leads a crash course in Love Languages, Dirty Lola shares her journey into polyamory and Mollena Williams makes BDSM accessible for the masses. And as if this isn’t enough fun for all you lovers out there, Emily engages the audience in a live Q&A centering around communication and sexual education!

If you missed the Sexual Health Expo this year, fear not — This podcast is loaded with knowledge bombs and highlights from some of the leading speakers and sexperts in the industry. Don’t miss it!

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This show is all about sexual etiquette! What does it really take to be a considerate lover?

Emily and Anderson discuss a recent article and express opposing opinions regarding the 6 things that men should never do in the bedroom. Is being body shaming gender exclusive? What’s the golden rule of successful sex? From unauthorized spitting to selfish sex to surprise anal, they dissect the different ways NOT to behave between the sheets.

Emily also answers emails regarding sexual insecurity stemming from changes in your body and finding the perfect spot to deposit your seed. Plus, hear a startling story involving firemen and an iron-clad chastity belt on this no-holds-barred podcast. Don’t miss it!

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On this show, Emily answers a host of your emails on a wide range of topics.  including how to get rough in bed, how to make it work with a larger-than-average member, backdoor bleaching and beyond.

For those who are worried about keeping their sex talk current, Emily and Menace provide a lesson in sex slang terms for 2016. From “dopplebanger” to “thirst-trap” and “masturwait”, they teach you how to work this “hip” new sex slang into your conversations this year — Just use them at your own risk! Also, does being turned on cause you to make riskier decisions? Emily and Menace discuss how arousal may dull your senses.

From serial monogamy to the wonders of lube to what NOT to do to your rear end, this show is packed with pertinent advice for all you lovers out there. Don’t miss it!

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On this show, Emily tackles your emails all about improving and enhancing the sexual side of your relationship. She provides guidance on the best ways to communicate your bedroom needs to your partner, determining the right time to get intimate in a new relationship, and how to help lift your partner up when their confidence is waning.

Emily and Anderson also plunge into polyamorous territory when they discuss OKCupid’s new feature for finding threesome partners. Find out just how many online daters are solely committed to monogamy, how many would be willing to venture into the land of many mates and how many Americans would do porn for a cool million bucks.

From new sex tricks to newfound intimacy to maintaining confidence with a new body, today’s show is sure to get you where you want to bed. Don’t miss it!

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On this show Emily welcomes guest blogger, fashion designer and host of the Fempire Podcast, Jac Vanek! Together, Emily and Jac trade Tinder horror stories, debate dating faux pas and break down the components of “perfect sex”, and answer an email from a listener who isn’t quite sure how to make contact with her crush.

The two dish on all things fashion, Facebook stalking and first date outfit ideas! They also discuss a study on sexting that shows us exactly how much we all get freaky with our phones, and share some saucy sexting stats of their own.

If you’re looking for some expert insight on how to sext, how to dress and how NOT to date, find all this and more on today’s show with Emily and Jac!

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Today’s show is dedicated to improving your sexual health in the new year! Emily lists her top 5 sexual health goals and explains how to put them into practice in your everyday life! She and Anderson also go over a study about reducing the risk of prostate cancer and tackle emails about position problems, date ideas and lengthy refractory periods.

If you haven’t chosen your resolution yet, this podcast may be able to help. This show will teach you all about the wonders of kegels, handling new sexual requests from your partner and may even lead you to make a new sexual health plan for 2016. Listen now!

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It’s a fresh new year and on this show, Emily helps tackle your resolutions to make all of your new year dreams come true! Whether you want to expand your orgasmic horizons or you’re trying to find your foreplay sweet spot, Emily’s got the answers to set you on the path to a sexy and successful 2016!

But first, Emily and Menace go over some Sex In the News about the BEST time of day for sex, and a new invention designed for pregnant women to play music inside the womb! Then, Emily answers your emails regarding foreplay anxiety, vanishing orgasms and threesome trepidation.

Whatever your sexual roadblock, Emily provides the tools to break down your barricades and build better patterns for sexual happiness, so kick off the new year right and tune in today!

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This special podcast comes to you from the famous Hollywood Improv theater! It’s a podcast of the live celebration of 10 great years of the hottest sex (talk) with Emily.

Emily kicks off the party with a walk down memory lane and looks back at the journey that made Sex With Emily what it is today.  Emily brings her two co-hosts Menace and Anderson onstage (both of them together for the very first time!) Dr. Drew Pinsky joins Emily to take live sex and dating questions from the audience and discuss how sex has changed over the past decade, from porn to online dating, to fetishes that have really taken off.

If you didn’t make it down to the Hollywood Improv to see Emily in action, tune in for your second chance at celebrating a decade full of the hottest sex (talk)!

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Happy New Year, lovers! To ring in 2016, Emily welcomes fellow blogger, podcaster and former Playmate Jessa Hinton to the show. The two talk about their sexual pasts and relationships present, and discuss better dating practices for the new year.

Emily and Jessa also take to your emails, providing advice to help you find success in sex and dating in 2016. Whether you’re dealing with attachment issues, oral sex fears or detecting flirtation from a possible love interest, Jessa and Emily have the tips to point you in the right direction as you pursue your future romantic goals.

There’s nothing like the expertise of two strong women to kick off a new year, and this show has it in spades! Break old patterns and blaze new trails this year with help from Jessa Hinton and Sex With Emily!

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