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Ready for a lesson in partner appreciation? This very special Thanksgiving episode of Sex With Emily is all about strengthening your relationship through gratitude. Emily’s teaches you the importance of appreciating your partner, not just for Thanksgiving, but all year around. Between talk of Thanksgiving plans and one night stands, Emily shares some of the things she is most grateful for and reminds us why we all should be thankful for sex. Plus, how to sidestep those awkward questions from family members (i.e. why aren’t you married yet?), and the one communication tip that every man and woman should know! All this and more in today’s Podcast. **Special Cyber Weekend Discounts For Sex With Emily Listeners** From November 28 to December 1, get 30% off Emily & Tony those Aromatherapy Massage Candles, Down Under Comfort and all other Emily & Tony products; From November 27 to November 30, get 25% off across the entire GoodVibes site (minimal exclusions apply) + all weekend, get 20% off all We-Vibe products + for Cyber Monday (12/1 - 12/2), get a free $15 GV Gift Card with $100 purchase & also enjoy 25% off all Lelo products; When you pick up your Stamina Training Unit, use coupon code: Emily to get a free bottle of FleshLube!

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Tonight’s podcast explains why taking your dating OFFline into the “real world” will increase your odds of finding a match. Emily and Menace reveal the best places to meet people offline, and hot tips for meeting people wherever you go, even at the car wash.


Dating no longer has to be an either/or situation where you only date online or offline. Developing the skills to meet people in our daily life, outside of our computers and phones, is one of the key ingredients to success in life and in finding love.


Is your phone keeping you from meeting that special person? Emily explains the importance of peeling yourself away from your phone and taking a long look around. Emily also shares some of the offbeat offline places she’s met a guy, including a used car lot, buying a couch on Craigslist and at a gay bar.

Emily and Menace make it easy for you to ease into the offline world by giving you tried and true tips that work every time. In fact, sometimes the best way to meet someone is to look over, smile and say “hello.”  If you’re feeling fed up with online dating and are ready to try your luck offline, this show tells you how to make it happen every single day.

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This podcast is about sex toys and “sext” offenders. 

Emily's first guest is Alicia Relles, designer and head “vagina” of the sex-positive retailer Je Joue, here to give us an exclusive sneak peak at the latest tech trends in vibrators and buzz-worthy goodies coming soon to Je Joue.

Then Emily welcomes her second guest, Alexandra Tweten, creator of “Bye Felipe”, an Instagram account chronicling angry responses from rejected men over dating sites, which after a month has managed to attract almost 260,000 followers.

Emily gives tips to help you succeed in online dating (and hopefully stay off Bye Felipe!). And if all else fails, Alicia has a ton of toys to keep your warm while you wait for Mr. Right.  From Kegel weights to Tinder dates, this Podcast is full of advice to help you get what you need, on and offline. Check it out!

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On tonight’s show, Emily answers your most pressing sex and relationship questions that you sent to Topics include: how to rock the missionary position, the right lube for you, and what to do when the dirty talk gets too dirty. Emily and Anderson discuss a surprising fact on millennial dating, tell you what two qualities you need for a successful relationship and answer the question on everyone’s mind: Where do all the disappearing daters go?

Life is too short to have sex the same way, every day! Emily gives tips to help you mix things up and find your sweet spot, whether it be the G or otherwise.  This Podcast has advice to help you get the hell off your phone, and get the sex and relationships you deserve.

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On tonight’s show, Emily has clinical psychologist Dr. David Ley in the studio to discuss his book “The Myth Of Sex Addiction” - Is it real? Or do  we live in a world addicted to addiction? Emily and Dr. Ley explore the difference between healthy and unhealthy sexual behavior, the urgency of sexual communication, the psychology of porn and the cryptic cuckold lifestyle.

This Podcast will teach you how to approach sex in a healthy way. The secret to having an amazing sex life is all about balance - sometimes you need to have the deep sex talk and sometimes you just gotta bone like strangers. Emily & Dr. David Ley teach you how in the latest Sex With Emily episode!

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Today we're talking all about those picky penises in your life. I give tips for both men and women to help you please those high-maintenance members, and make sure both parties leave happy. Also, why don’t more women carry condoms? Why are so many millennials stuck in relationship limbo? And what 11 lessons should you never learn from porn?


All this and more in the latest Sex With Emily podcast.

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These days it seems like everyone is addicted to something. Whether it’s a substance, a relationship, hot sex, or even our cell phones, we all have those habits that hold us back. On today’s show, Emily sits down with addiction expert Tommy Rosen to discuss the different forms of addiction, recovery and the path to better sex and better relationships.

Together, they touch on some common relationship issues that couples face, and provide advice for a listener on how to recover from a recent breakup. Whether you’re building a healthy relationship, moving on from a bad one, or finding the confidence you need to face your dating fears, this podcast teaches you how to grow and prosper. Don’t miss out!


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This show is all about the importance of kissing! From the first light peck to the full body make out, Emily tells you how to kiss like a pro and sweep any partner off of their feet. She gives you the simple steps for delivering one hell of a kiss and answers some common kissing questions: How much is too much in the tongue department? How do you pull off the lip nibble? And what the heck do you do with your hands? Emily shares her #1 trick for creating your own perfect kiss and even gets into some expert level makeout moves! You might think you’ve got it down, but this show gives you those extra tips you need to become a master of the tongue tango.

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