Sex With Emily

Get turned on in this “quickie” episode as Emily interviews a female guest, “Hope” about her sexual exploits. Hope reveals her crazy first time sex experience, thoughts on younger versus older men, and the best position to orgasm. The women also discuss sex toys, fetishes, and a secret oral sex “chin trick.”

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In these two quickie episodes Emily interviews Pro-Dominatrix Sara Miller and also answers popular listener questions. Emily and her guest divulge about first sexual experiences, lesbian sex, orgasm differences, orgies, and ejaculation on command. Listener letters cover topics such as “perfect” dating tips, online profiles, semen landing, and hand jobs.

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In honor of "No Shave November," Emily focuses on manscaping in this episode. Topics include: trimmings tips (not for Thanksgiving), pubic hair styles, "back pussy," vajazzle, and on-air bikini waxes. Emily addresses listener letters including a woman fallen for two men and cheating.

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Emily is back in San Francisco before heading off to Mexico for the Thanksgiving holiday. She made new friends at the Sex Summit -Ben and Jen Rode- who join her on air. Ben and Jen explain their Explosive Sexual Healing technique whichhelps women achieve half hour g-spot orgasms (this is the way to relax!). Listener letters include: addressing girlfriends who don't like receiving oral sex and crushes in the neighborhood.

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Ted Travelstead, Vanity Fair reporter and co-author of Sex: Our Bodies, Our Junk, joins Emily in this throwback episode. Emily and Ted discuss religion and sex, Betty White, the gag-reflex, and the New York City versus San Francisco dating scene. Also, how nice is too nice for a "nice guy"?

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Get dominated by Sarah Miller, Emily's sex school classmate who happens to be a Pro- Dominatrix. Emily talks about getting naked in class, BDSM, and breast orgasms (they really do exist). Emily also talks about sex, drugs, and alchol. For a follow-up lesson on BDSM, check out Sex Tips from a Dominatrix II.

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If you're looking to snuggle up and reignite spark in your relationship, a Fall Staycation is a perfect way to spend time with you lover. Emily gives tips for planning a vacation in your bedroom. Emily also answers questions about male-female friendships, squirting, and Emily's favorite-- threesomes.

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