Sex With Emily

Emily is back from Las Vegas with lots of sordid stories from the International Lingerie Show. Does marijuana enhance your sex drive? Kissing, female ejaculation,  big boots and the perils of high-waisted pants. Emily instructs you how to role-play and have “makeup” sex, from sexy cop to Avatar, from schoolgirl to the Hamburglar.

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Emily talks to Rachel A Sussman, author of "The Breakup Bible," to learn how to move through breakups in a more healthy, constructive way. Rachel talks about the huge mistakes women make during breakups, taking accountability, and creating a 'Personal Love Map' to understand your breakup patterns and yourself better.

Debate: using coupons on the first date, free plastic surgery for Brazil's poor, giving up the Internet for sex, profuse sweating during sex, losing an erection, and the importance of confidence.

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Never tell your current partner that your last partner was good in bed. They don’t want to hear the amazing things this person did in bed or anything about the size of anything. 

Emily goes through the biggest sex myths, from penis size to female ejaculation. Plus, how men can learn to have multiple orgasms.

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Emily’s prom date didn’t bring condoms to the hotel room. They went to Burger King instead of having sex.Emily shares first date, relationship and sex dealbreakers, from forgetting condoms at prom to talking incessantly about your ex.

How to be a good listener, cheating during the post-birth sex slump, and Menace thinks all women can get laid if they try hard enough. Emily thinks that complimenting women is important but Menace argues that you shouldn’t over-compliment a woman or she’ll think she is out of your league.

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Emily and Menace both have sex in the same weekend, but with different people of course. Menace has sex in the shower and the girl didn’t faint this time.

A recipe for “panty droppers” a drink that might be true to it’s name,  flirting techniques and the sacred duties of the wingman.

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Emily shares the biggest sexting mistakes guy makes and whether you are a doggie style person or a CAT person. CAT position is all about clitoral stimulation in Missionary Position, whereas doggie style is more rough and animalistic.

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It’s BJ & Steak Day. The holiday where women around America give their boyfriends oral sex while making steak at the same time. The holiday was created by angry men in reaction to V-Day, a holiday supposedly for women. Why the backlash guys?

Also, oral sex tips, why enthusiasm trumps technique and humming on the hole.

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Emily and Menace get wet over the Container Store, guest Wendy Strgar talks love and intimacy, everybody poops...and everybody snoops, Dick Van Dyke is alive and still getting laid, how far you should go to please your partner, and using lubricant with someone you love.

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Emily shows women around the world how to prevent lipstick on the teeth and the best way to tell someone they have something on their face during a first date. Also, never prematurely “babe” someone on a date.

Emily teaches male ejaculation etiquette, including keeping her in the loop on  your ejaculation plan.

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Emily interviews Charlie Glickman from Good Vibrations who teaches listeners all about the prostate, from finding it to how to treat it. Many straight men don’t realize the untapped pleasure of the  prostate, or the male G-spot.

In other news, Christina Hendrick's boobs and the end of the “Great Hand Job debate” might be in sight.

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