Sex With Emily

This week Emily and her, Anderson of The Film Vault podcast and technical producer for Loveline, get into mismatched libidos, masturbation and manscaping!


Emily and Anderson discuss exactly what kind of person keeps a “sex list” and whether or not being attractive means you’re bad at giving oral. Emily also talks about why it’s important to have sex as often as possible in a longterm relationship- even if you have to pencil it in.


Emily also lets us in on an unexpected flower delivery from a secret admirer. She loved getting her bouquet of fresh Lilies and Orchids- wanna do the same for someone you care about? Check out The Bouqs and use promo code EMILY for 20% off.


Emily and Anderson give advice to a 24 year old virgin and even talk about Anderson’s first time. Later, they discuss why everyone should try mutual masturbation and Emily reviews the importance of lube with erotic electro stimulation.


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Emily’s guest tonight is comedian Erik Griffin from Comedy Central’s show Workaholics.


Emily and Erik talk about the reality of digital dating today. They discuss the art of flirting on the Tinder dating app, sex myths, mismatched libidos and women that “collect men like comic books.” They also debate whether or not sex is the most important thing in a relationship.


The talk about “Friends with Benefits,” relationships,  the importance of communication in bed and the thrill of pleasing your partner. They discuss turning your insecurities into swagger as well as why being hot isn’t all that matters when you’re looking for the perfect partner!


Emily and Erik answer emails from listeners and give advice to a woman who has trouble orgasming during sex and hilariously reveal why communication is the ultimate lubrication!

Emily gives Erik advice on how to get one step closer to getting the perfect blowjob (apparently he hasn’t one yet) and even motivates him to adjust his Tinder settings. Dating a bit older might get him just want he needs in the bedroom.

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Emily’s guest is Lisa Ann, the most popular porn star in the world 2 years in a row according to the New York Post.

Why is she so famous? You might recognize her as the star of the hit porn parody, Nailin’ Palin or because she’s been voted the hottest MILF porn star and the #1 Fleshlight by AVN.

They discuss why the MILF trend is so popular, how secret trick for mentally preparing for porn scenes and her own psychology for dating.

Lisa Ann gives her top tips for performing oral sex on a man and a woman and answers sex questions from callers including how to go about anal for the first time, how do deal with a large penis, her favorite sex toys, the craziest place she's had sex and how it feels to get her ass licked.  Also, can porn help couples? Listen in for all the amazing tricks and tips.

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Tonight on the Sex WIth Emily show former pornstar and best-selling author Shy Love, gives her best oral sex tips for men and women, shares the ingredients for a successful marriage and offers some interesting tactics on how to approach women including the “casual pick-up.”

Emily also gets the ex-pornstar to reveal what good sex really is and the real importance of foreplay.

Then the esteemed Dr. Lawrence Levine,  a lead contributor to the study of male sexual dysfunction,  joins the show to talk about premature ejaculation, a condition gaining spotlight as it’s three times more common than erectile dysfunction. Dr. Levine shares some amazing breakthroughs in science for men with want to last longer in bed. Emily offers suggestions for women on how talk to their partners about premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction as many men have a hard time improving sexual performance on their own.

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Emily answers emails from listeners with topics including: sexy vs. slutty, friend zoning, Kegel exercises and fetishes. 

Menace grills Emily for slacking on pop culture. Emily breaks down what Gwyneth Paltrow meant when she described her split as "conscious uncoupling". Menace questions the audience on dealing with dating celebrities and their famous Ex's. Emily recaps her live, in-studio date from the popular dating app Tinder. Emily confesses how she avoids talking about sex on the first date and the question, "What do you do for a living?".

In sex in the news, a mother in Japan dresses as Mickey Mouse to find son a wife. In fashion, Menace questions Emily how far she would go for a loved one. The strapping gentlemen from Thunder From Down Under thwart an armed criminal in their dressing room.

In listener emails, a young girl questions what a slut is and how Emily Nicedefines the beauty in sex and opens the floor for the duo to discuss what they find sexy, slutty and enduring in partners.

Another newly divorced listener is troubled by his dates who don't want to have sex with him because he's "the nicest guy in the room". Menace and Emily give their advice on how to get him out of the "friend zone" and get busy with his dates.

A listener has completed Emily's Kegel Camp app with great results and has questions on how to extend the workout to further his crazy orgasms!

Emily gets a question from a man who has a foot fetish that is important in relationships to him and wonders how he can get his new girlfriend to join in some tickling fun.

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In this episode, Emily breaks down Dealbreakers, what they are and how to avoid them.

Emily and Menace catch up starting with sharing their stories from Las Vegas in anticipation for Emily's upcoming sex toy show. Emily's listeners rave about the Fleshlight - yes there are amazing sex toys for guys. In sex in the news, a golf tee in butt stunt goes wrong for a playboy model. A new walk of shame kit saves women from humiliation from the stride of pride or maybe sets a man up to deal with those rough "morning afters". A listener writes to Emily with crippling pain during sex which could spurn from anti-depressants. Another listener's wife is completely uncomfortable discussing sex or her low libido regardless of the man's extensive efforts.

The duo get into the show topic Dealbreakers: the fatal flaw. What are common deal breakers people experience everyday? What really should be considered dealbreakers? Emily talks about supposed dealbreakers that can actually be resolved. Emily and Menace discuss the type of dealbreakers they've experienced and what traits of theirs might be seen as dealbreakers to their past and future partners. Finally, Emily lays down her big tips on how to avoid dropping a deal breaker on your next date.

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Her first interview in 3 years, award-winning pornstar, Jenna Haze comes into the studio to give you an inside look on the makings of the porn legend. Emily gets into the past and personal parts of Jenna's life. Jenna tells the story of how she lost her virginity. Have you ever wanted to experience Jenna? Fleshlight molded Jenna's intimate parts and Jenna's excited to share it with you! Emily and Jenna take calls from listeners asking about what Jenna's up to now, Jenna's new website, how to get your girl into getting oral, how she kept up relationships while doing porn, what Jenna considers great sex. Jenna talks about what working in porn is like when the camera's not rolling. How to give a woman give oral is explored and Jenna gives her personal tips. Jenna gets into the details of how she gives her best blowjob and how she keeps things interesting in relationships. 

Listen to the show to find out how to win Jenna's famous Fleshlight!

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