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Emily welcomes back two of her favorite guests, sex and relationship therapists Celeste and Danielle! The sexpert pair speaks passionately on the topics of intimacy, communication and keeping your love hot past the honeymoon phase and also treats us to an inside look at their new book Making Love Real: The Intelligent Couple’s Guide to Lasting Intimacy & Passion.

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, all relationships take hard work and often come with disappointment. Celeste & Danielle teach us how to identify these issues, bypass blame and achieve sexual and emotional satisfaction for both partners. They explain their innovative concept of the “sexual movie”, including how to discover and communicate it to your partner, and share their own “sexual rules to live by.”

From talking dirty to scheduling sex to recognizing resentment in your relationship, Celeste, Danielle and Emily cover everything you need to make your love real on this show. Don’t miss it!

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On this show, Emily addresses everyone’s favorite fly-by-night contraceptive practice: the pull-out method. Is it really as reliable as people think, or have we all been withdrawing for naught? Emily answers a listener’s request to get in depth about the effectiveness of the “pull and pray” and tells us what she really thinks about bailing before you bust.

Then, she and Anderson serves up suggestions on how to find your dating “home base,” how to approach a third for your fantasy threesome, and how to find your social stride after a big break-up. Plus, Emily shares stories from her weekend at the Grammys, including how she was almost forcibly removed from the premises.

Whether you’re looking to open up your sexual relationship, narrow down your dating grounds or increase your knowledge of safe sex practices, Emily has got the guidance you need on this show!

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It’s everyone’s favorite day at Sex With Emily: Sex Toy Review Day! And this round, they’re all about the G-spot. If you’ve been searching for yours, or would love to locate your partner’s, we lay out the roadmap (and the tools) to get you there.

Emily, Madison, Laurie and Jamie dissect the mystery behind this enigmatic erogenous zone, sharing their experiences, techniques and G-spot goals. The team also details their respective masturbatory journeys with the brand new Rave and Nova by We-Vibe. Together they detail their favorite features and functions of the toys as well as their own personal g-spot hacks.

Whether you’re on the search for your “G” or you’re a bonafide Grafenberg geek, this show might just give you some new ideas when it comes to finding your pleasure.

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On this show, Emily and Anderson are doling out tips to increase your chances of finding success in sex and love post-Valentine’s day, starting with your digital flirting skills!

It’s no mystery that texting has become an integral part of today’s communication landscape, so when it comes to winning someone’s affections, a well-worded sext can be seen as the modern day love letter. To make sure you’re saying all the right things, Emily gives her 5 top tips to guide your sextual encounters, including timing, context and the golden rule of selfies. She also answers an email about how to boost your partner’s confidence in the bedroom!

This show has everything you need to set your sexting game straight and learn some interesting dating stats along the way. Don’t miss it!

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On this show, Emily welcomes host of The Great Love Debate podcast, Brian Howie. Together they traverse the tricky terrain of dating, commitment and communication.

Brian and Emily cover a range of topics, from first dates to first impressions to the ways that most of us go about finding real love. Emily reminds us why relationship practice makes perfect and Brian offers insight on how to communicate through the ever changing love landscape. They dismantle the idea of “type,” define the dating problem in LA and dissect the influences of social media on our communication patterns and mating rituals.

This show fires on all cylinders with advice on cultivating confidence, the virtues of vulnerability and how to feel better about your romantic situation. Whether you’re lucky in love or lost in the shuffle, this show has the insight and advice you need! Don’t miss it.

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Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and Emily, Menace & Producer Madison have got the international day of love on the mind. From advice for picking the perfect flowers for your partner to tips for keeping your Valentine’s night as hot as possible, this show is a veritable grab-bag of all things V-day.

The approaching holiday isn’t the only topic of discussion, however. The group mulls over a smorgasbord of sexual subjects! Menace share’s his feelings about foot fetishes, Madison shares a sensual sex story and Emily tells us exactly what she would do if she had a penis for a day.

While many of us are spending this week frantically finalizing our picture-perfect plans and finding unparalleled presents to show our love this Sunday, take some of the pressure off and let Sex With Emily help! Get detailed insight on how to prep for the big day, and hear a fun tidbit or two along the way.

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, which means romance is in the air! Whether you’re in love, are looking for love, or are single and lovin’ it, February 14th means something to all of us. On this show, Emily, Anderson and Producer Madison take this Hallmark holiday by the horns and examine all of the expectations, experiences and attitudes surrounding it.

The three dissect V-day facts and statistics, share stories of Valentine’s present & past and even ponder their plans for Valentine’s to come. If you’re stuck on how to celebrate your love this year, this show offers unconventional gift and date ideas to help you avoid the usual V-day cliches.

If it’s amorous inspiration you need, then look no further! Today’s show has all the tips you need to make your day of love as memorably sexy as possible.

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If you’re looking to get ahead in your career, enhance your love life or improve things between the sheets, communication is the key! This show is all about improving your communication skills in the dating world, in your long term relationship, and of course, in the bedroom. Emily tackles your questions about how to appropriately and effectively address your concerns with your partner, whether you’re dealing with jealousy, orgasm dishonesty, or opening your partner’s eyes to something new in bed.

Emily and Anderson also reveal a few sex statistics that might surprise you. Find out how common it is for singles to hook up at the gym and which machines to hang around if you’re looking to get laid. Also, learn how using contraception increases your likelihood of having more and better sex — I guess safe sex IS great sex afterall.

If you’re tired of faking your O’s, or are looking for tips on how to communicate your coital concerns, then this show is not one to miss!

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