Sex With Emily

Tips and topics include: Cloning your willy, crooked penises, Christ for Kegels, the oral sex "chin trick," and the oral sex "screw trick." Emily goes on to teach people how to function during sex. Stare lovingly into your partner's eyes without looking psychotic, have loud, ravenous sex whenever possible, and remember to breathe (yes, people forget). Emily also explains what to do if someone stops functioning during sex. People have a better chance of having a heart attack during sex than most other activities. At least they'll die happily on top of you.

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A show on breast play, friends with benefits, dirty talk, and threesomes-- when they work and when they don't. Emily answers listener's questions: How long should you make out before going for the breasts? How long can you play with her breasts before it gets creepy? Do friends with benefits ever work? How do I talk dirty without offending her? And last but not least, can I have a threesome without completely destroying my relationship?

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ay Adult Film Star, lecturer, and writer Conner Habib talks about making gay porn and how it's changed the way he thinks about sex. Habib talks about how porn has made him less superficial about choosing mates. Once you have sex with all the conventionally attractive macho men, you start to realize who you're really attractive to.He also talks about how being good at sex is not the the same as being good at porn (although he assures Emily he's pretty good at sex too). Habib reveals the most searched porn term on the Internet and why straight women love gay porn so much. He also gives oral sex tips for performing on a man. After all, a gay porn star is going to know fellatio better than anyone else.

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Emily discusses why women are simply better than men with television host, legal analyst, and best-selling author Dan Abrams. Abram uses research to invalidate sexist cliches about the differences between men and women in his book, Man Down: Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt That Women Are Better Cops, Drivers, Gamblers, Spies, World Leaders, Beer Tasters, Hedge Fund Managers, and Just About Everything Else. Emily corroborates Abrams findings while her co-host Menace is skeptical, wondering if Abrams just wrote the book to get laid. But Emily doesn't think Abrams needs to write a book celebrating women to do well with the ladies (she used to date Abrams herself). Contrary to popular opinion, Abrams argues why women are better at driving and making decisions. Men on the other hand are better at parking and getting hit by lightening.

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Random acts of sex are a great way to brighten you and your partner's day. Emily presents a random mix of sex tips for men, including oral sex humming, side-to-side hip movements, and how to french kiss. She also tells men how to impress women without the help of their penis. Emily also answers listeners questions about hand jobs, asking someone out, and morning sex.

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You’re not bad in bed because you don't have a huge penis that lasts forever. You’re bad in bed because-- you forget about foreplay, you don't know how to go down on them, you don’t go down on them enough, you have sex like a jackrabbit, you aren't thinking about their pleasure, or you're so scared of doing something wrong that you don't do anything at all. Listening to this podcast will make you great in bed. Or at least better than before.

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How to have great phone sex, from foreplay sexting to an orgasmic phone call finish. Emily personally demonstrates how to “sex up” your voice. Emily and her co-host Menace discuss how often men and women talk about who they’re sleeping with, and when you should stop telling everyone you know the intimate details of your sex life. Emily ends the show with a lesson on Kegels-- how to do your sexercises and why they will make you better in bed.

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Emily gives tips for going down on her and tips for stimulating the clitoris during sex, because she wants women to have glorious, multiple orgasms. Emily describes how to do the "V finger technique" and discusses how to share your fantasies (even the really embarrassing ones). Emily and her sidekick Menace end the show with a heated debate on how often men should compliment women.

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If your 2013 hasn't been full of mind-blowing sex and amazing relationships, this show help get you there. Emily discusses how to change your sex life in 2013 with powerful vibrators, sexercise, more foreplay, and lots more oral sex. Emily confesses what she wants to change about her sex life, and explains how to tell your partner exactly what you want in bed. Emily also talks sex trends in 2012 and answers listeners emails about irrational pregnancy fears, dating shy guys, and dealing with really big penises.

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Greg Sherrell from Fernando and Greg in the Morning discusses gay dating in San Francisco. Greg reflects on growing up gay, from hiding his porn to telling his butch brother he prefers men. He also explains his shock at finding out his Dad's ex-wife was the lesbian soft ball coach. Greg breaks down dating, from the gym locker room to the club. Emily and Greg also talk about the differences between gay sex and straight sex, the Grindr obsession, amateur porn, double penetration, and orgasming without touching your penis.

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