Sex With Emily

How to navigate your sex life as a single person, because single people want to have sex too…sometimes more than people in relationships.  I'll also tell you how to find the right person whether you are looking for casual sex or a committed relationship.

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Everyday someone asks me how that can last longer during sex, or how they can get their BF to last longer during sex. Everyday I get an email from a woman who wants to orgasm during sex, but doesn’t have enough time or clitoral stimulation to do so. This podcast will get your/his penis in gear and ready for sex. No matter if you’re a guy who suffers from premature ejaculation, or just someone who wants to have longer, more intense sex, this podcast is for you! My guest Jeff Abraham, CEO of Promescent, gives tips for lasting longer that don’t involve pinching the penis, the stop-and-start method, or thinking of your grandma naked. Promescent is a desensitizing spray that helps delay ejaculation and take your sex life to the next level. Guys can finally stop thinking about boring/gross/disturbing things to last longer, and focus on the hot woman they’re having sex with.

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Naughty and freaky sex can be fun. Embarrassing sex? Not so much. Awkward and strange things will happen during sex that you will have no idea how to react to. I'm here to tell you how to navigate this strange and confusing world of queefs, moans, howls, blood, and liquid explosions. Here's how to survive with your dignity and an orgasm. I think you'll have a good laugh as well.

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Porn Star Joanna Angel gives an Anal Sex Seminar with pointers on how to make it less painful and scary. Then she talks about double penetration, because apparently that makes anal sex less scary? This punk princess has really done it all. She gives tips for dominating men and women, and tying them up. Then she gives tips for giving both him and her amazing oral sex. Lastly, she tells you how to talk to your partner in bed. Dirty talk doesn’t work if you censor yourself. You just have to let all your sexual desires out and do you! Speaking of doing you, Joanna talks about the importance of masturbation and why every woman should masturbate all the time. 

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Porn Star Kiara Mia, "the Kim Kardashian of porn", gets intimate on the podcast, sharing her best moves for having sex with men and women. Naturally, she starts with oral sex on a woman (how every great relationship starts) and describes how to lick a woman to make her orgasm. Start by kissing and licking around her clitoris. Once she’s really warmed up, her clitoris is hard and she’s thrusting her hips up, go in for her clitoris (Kiara tells you exactly what to do to pleasure her clitoris and G-spot at the same time).

Kiara also describes her first orgasm, and how women can experience more pleasure in their sex lives. She shares her favorite sex positions and how to move during sex.  Move back-and-forth, grind, lean forward, lean backwards, and have lots of orgasms. The more you enjoy sex as a woman, the better you will be at having sex. Kiara talks about why she’s so good at sex. You need to really connect with your partner during sex, and I’m not just talking about connecting penis-to-vagina. Tantric sex can expand your sex life. 

The show ends with Kiara and I answering your questions. How do you stay in shape? What do women look for in a man? How do you pleasure a beautiful woman on the first date (someone’s presumptuous)? After you listen to the podcast, you will be ready to pleasure sexy men and women… if you’re willing to work for it.   

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Are you a sexually confident woman... or man? If you aren't instantly seducing men and women with your piercing eyes and sly smile, this podcast is for you! I'm going to transform you into a Sex God(dess). First, I give advice to a woman who wants to try S&M (Sadomasochism). I'll teach you how to be the dominant or submissive, and how to talk to your partner about trying S&M. The next time you have tea and crumpets with your partner, I want you to look them in the eye and say, "bend me over the table and F*@% me." Or you can take a more subtle approach, explained in the podcast. You'll be tied up and spanked in no time! Next, I'll share how guys can keep an erection! Hint. It involves putting a ring on it. Make no mistake, marriage will not solve your sex problems, but a vibrating ring just might! The show ends with ten ways women can be more sexually confident. Here's a few tips, ladies: 1. You should dance naked in front of the mirror a lot. Learn to love your body. 2. If he doesn't want to see you naked, he wouldn't try and take your clothes off. He's having sex with you because he thinks you're attractive. Own it. 3. The more pleasure you experience during sex, the better you will be at sex. True confidence comes from focusing on your own sexual experience, and not just making sure he's satisfied. 4. Give him directions! Someone has to teach these guys what's what. If it doesn't work out between the two of you, you'll be doing the next woman he dates a favor. 5. Don't fake orgasms. A truly confident woman will genuinely express her pleasure. Make him keep trying until he gives you a real orgasm. 

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Questions answered: Are you bicurious? Should you give up your marriage because you aren’t having sex? What happens when his baby mama catches you having sex with him in his trailer? How do you date if you have social anxiety? Should you tell women they are beautiful when you first meet them? Why do some people  seek relationships with people who are unobtainable?

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I don't think you're having enough kinky sex. When I say kinky sex, I don't mean you have to do it chained to a spinning apparatus. I just think you should leave your bed once in a while and experiment. This podcast will show you how to have sex outside your comfort zone and try new things with your partner, from butt slapping to sex in the bar bathroom. Okay, maybe you should just start by having sex in your bathroom at home... then you'll be ready for some serious sexcapades. I'll show you how to have sex with your partner in a completely different way. You'll feel like you're doing it with a sexy stranger you met at a bar, and not your husband Bob or your wife Susan. I'll also show you how to sext like a romance novelist, without using the term quivering member (ew). How serious do you need to be with someone before you sext them? Rule of thumb: If they haven't seen you're penis yet, don't send them a picture of your penis. Also, how specific should you get with your sexting. What's better? I want to suck your c@*%, or I want to suck your c@*% under the desk? Once you learn how to sext and seduce your partner like a stranger in the night, I'll demonstrate how to talk dirty. Talking dirty means letting loose, which may make you feel uncomfortable initially. Find your dirty talk voice and stay away from clinical words like penis. If you want him to know that you like his pickle, tell him you like his c@*% (you know what I'm saying). I'll tell you how to get started and open up, so you don't feel incredibly awkward getting your dirty talk on.

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