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In the newest Sex With Emily podcast, we’re talking about how to find the happiness you’ve been seeking in your relationships, your sex life and, most importantly, in yourself! Emily opens up about two practices she feels passionately about that can enhance your overall wellness, and tackles your emails on mismatched libidos, pegging and happy endings.

Erotic massage parlors: Socially acceptable or totally illegal? Emily lays down the law on the topic of paying for “happy endings” and shares an unsettling news story about a disgruntled customer’s rash reaction to a parlor’s “no rub and tug” policy.

Then it’s onto your emails. What do you do if you and your significant other have disappointingly dissimilar sex drives? How do you bring up a new backdoor fetish to your “mostly vanilla” sex partner? Emily sheds light on how to bridge difficult communication gaps in your relationship and discusses the importance of finding a happy medium that leaves both parties sexually satisfied.

From shady sex parlors (which are still illegal) to kinky sex fantasies to tips for having the uncomfortable sex conversation, this show has a little something for everyone! Don’t miss it…

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This special Thanksgiving throwback podcast from 2014 is all about strengthening your relationship through gratitude. Emily teaches you the importance of appreciating your partner, not just for Thanksgiving, but all year around. Between talk of Thanksgiving plans and one night stands, Emily shares some of the things she is most grateful for and reminds us why we all should be thankful for sex.

Then, get ready for a lesson in partner appreciation. Emily explains how little things, like saying thank you, offering a  simple compliment or making tiny sacrifices can go a long way with your significant other. She and Anderson touch on the many ways to show your partner how much you care, and give tips to improve the communication in your relationship. The two also share some unconventional advice to help you sidestep a variety of uncomfortable holiday questions from family members — Tis the season, after all.

Appreciation is like oral sex – You gotta give a little to get a little and this classic episode of Sex With Emily will tell you how!

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The only thing constant in life is change, which is why you should constantly be taking steps to expand your sex life. In this week’s show, Emily provides guidance to help you evolve your bedroom routine, whether it’s with a new toy, some new moves or new ways to get intimate with your partner.

Mike, a loyal fan from Cleveland, calls in to share his and his wife’s experience with the Intensity by Pour Moi. He explains how the sexual health device has helped boost his wife’s bedroom confidence and improved their sex life for the better! Emily also answers your emails on long distance sexual relationships, venturing into the world of play parties and painful sex after weightloss.  

If you’re at a point of transition and want your sex life to follow suit, this podcast is not one to miss! From kinky fantasies to sex positions to women who get turned on by other women, this show is sure to aid in your sexual growth in more ways than one.

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On today’s Best Of podcast from 2013, Emily talks sexual confidence and charm with dating coach and Art of Charm co-founder Jordan Harbinger. From discovering your own self-assuredness to finding the courage to approach that woman at the bar to making a stellar first impression, Jordan gives step by step advice to help you blossom into the ladies’ man you always knew you could be. He also breaks down some of the worst first-date faux-pas. How much touching is too much touching? Do you HAVE to pay for everything? To sext or not to sext?

If you’re interested in locating your missing sex appeal, then this classic podcast is definitely the one to revisit. With the right tools and the right mindset, every man has the ability to charm a lady’s pants off, and that’s exactly what this show has to offer. Tune in!

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On today’s Best Of podcast from 2012, no sex tip is left unturned! Emily and Menace are joined by special guest, sex educator and co-author of Emily’s book Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight, Jamye Waxman, to talk sex toys, dating debacles and everything in between.

Fresh from her trip to the Xbiz retail show, an annual sex toy expo, Jamye has tons of tidbits and toy tips to share, from couples’ toys to bondage kits and even a little electro-play. She, Emily and Menace dissect the peaks and valleys of long distance relationships, debate the appeal of morning sex and trade Friday the 13th horror stories. Speaking of Freaky Friday, the gang also answers an email from a listener looking to turn up the kink factor in her marriage.

If you desire a diverse variety of sex talk circa 2012 then look no further, because today’s show has got everything you need. From first date deal breakers to cutting edge sex toy makers, today’s classic Sex With Emily podcast is not one to miss!

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Today’s show is all about helping you effectively find your sexual bliss in the bedroom. No matter what issues are holding you back, Emily has the answers you need to get on the fast track to O-town!

Are you struggling to serve yourself up some satisfactory self-loving? Are you having trouble enjoying your partner’s best oral sex moves? Perhaps the sex is so great that you wish it could last a bit longer? We all want to find enjoyment in bed, and your secret to maximum fulfillment could be right around the corner. From kegel tips to breathing exercises to figuring out your fantasies, Emily’s got some tricks in her sexual toolbox to help you out of your bedroom bind.

Whether you’re missing your masturbatory mark, experiencing position problems, or are coming up against some oral obstacles, this podcast might be just what you need to turn up the pleasure in your sex life. Tune in!

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Today’s podcast comes to you straight from the 2014 Sex With Emily archives. Emily and Anderson welcome guest Skin Diamond, a nude model and decorated adult film star, to the show to trade tips and tricks in all areas of our favorite topic: sex!

Have you ever wanted a porn star’s advice on how to be better in bed? You’re in luck! Whether you’re interested in improving at cunnilingus, fellatio, anal or even DP, Skin Diamond has plenty of advice to share. She gives instructions on how to utilize variation, tease your partner into pleasure-town, and maintain a sense of humor about sex — It is playtime for grown-ups after all! She and Emily also offer guidance for a caller on how to help his wife unleash her wildest fantasies.

This erotic and educational podcast covers all essential areas of sexual activity that we could all probably stand to learn more about! From kitty play to blow bangs, this classic episode is sure to teach you at least one sexy tidbit that you didn’t know, not to mention help you get to know the amazing Skin Diamond on a more intimate level! Don’t miss it.

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Today’s podcast comes to you straight from the Sex With Emily vault. This blast from the past is all about adding some SEX-citement to your life and trying new things both in (and outside) the bedroom. So strap on your time-travel boots, ‘cause we’re taking you back to November 1st, 2011 to get acquainted with your new naughty bucket list!

A wet t-shirt contest: degrading or liberating? Giving a hickey: intimate or immature? Sex in the rain: wet and wild or totally not worth it? Emily and Menace offer their opinions and experiences when it comes to a long list of sexual To-Do’s that everyone should try at least once in their sex lives! They also answer your emails on squirting and money-lending between lovers, and give you tips to get in or out of a slippery situation.

This classic Sex With Emily episode will give you all the fuel you need to cross a couple things off your own sexual bucket list. From public sex to casual sex, disco balls to magic 8 balls, the invigorating ideas are nonstop in this throwback podcast!

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