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How do you attract women? You have less than 30 seconds to get a woman's attention. Don't blow it! Have an amazing sense of humor and complete confidence. Or you can use Jason Capital's methods to attract women....

Dating coach Jason Capital shares how to be a combination of fun and challenging to attract women. If you don't spark an emotion in her she'll make up an excuse to get away from you as fast as possible. But if you become a playful naturally attractive man, women will want to be around you.

You can learn how to be this way. It's not just something you're born with. If you didn't come out of the womb a complete stud you can still learn how to attract women.

If you want to know exactly what to say, check out this free video of Jason demonstrating his deadliest pick-up line. And no, it’s not cheesy. No one one falls from heaven in it, I promise.


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I'm talking about my favorite topic- masturbation and the best sex toys for men and women. In a word filled with crazy, awesome, vibrating sex toys, it can be hard to choose a sex toy. Are you a clitoral stimulation kind of a girl or a G-spot gal? Are you a size queen or are you looking for something cute and discreet? Do you want a couples toy or do you want it all to yourself? Of course, sex toys aren't just for the girls (check out the Fleshlight guys at!). My guest, Sex Toy Expert Anne Hodder, and I discuss some surprising ways men enjoy the vibrations too, and how they can use sex toys on their partner. My guest Anne Hodder and I have tried and reviewed hundreds of sex toys so we can tell you the best sex toys for your preferences and needs. Your welcome. I do it all for you... and the orgasms. 
You can get almost all the vibrators we discuss on the show at  Anne and I agree that one of the best vibrators for couple play and solo play is the Je Joue MiMi, and the best sex toy for men is the Fleshlight. If you're looking for great G-spot action or anal play, NJoy is simply the best. Get them all at and
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Porn Star Skin Diamond dishes about having sex like a porn star... and having sex like a cat. You'll have to listen to the show to hear about her sexual kitty play.
Skin Diamond grew up in Scotland with a passion for Christianity and a huge crush on Jessica Rabbit. Although she no longer believes in organized religion, her love for the female form developed beyond cartoons. Skin Diamond identifies as bisexual and has a rare ability to orgasm on command (perfect for porn!). Skin Diamond proves that not all orgasms in porn are fake. 
She explains how she orgasms by doing Kegels exercises and how to make your orgasms even stronger by changing the way you breathe. 
After she satisfies all your orgasmic needs, she doubles the fun with a lively discussion on double penetration (DP). Last but not least, Skin Diamond tells you how to handle a gigantic penis.

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People say that Friend’s With Benefits (FWB) never work, but that's simply not true. You might just be the perfect candidate for a Friends With Benefits situation if you're at the right place in your life to have unabashed, no strings attached sex. I'll tell if you can handle a Friends with Benefits and how to get one. Hint: It doesn't actually have to be someone you're good friends with. Sometimes it's better to turn a sexy acquaintance into your FWB.  

It's important to realize Friends With Benefits don’t last forever and in some ways are too good to be true:  the perks of consistent sex in a relationship without the relationship drama. One person usually becomes more emotionally invested in the relationship than the other person. If you do want to have a Friends With Benefits relationship I'll tell you the rules you have to play by.

I also cover the most awkward moments between the sheets and what to do when they happen. And speaking of awkward times and nocturnal emissions, is it okay to hook up with an old high school friend?

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Most men: "Oh my god I'm the greatest lover in the world!" Most women: "I faked another orgasm." Men are clueless about female pleasure and women are not communicating their dissatisfaction. Tantric Master Lawrence Lanoff and Emily break down all the myths about female pleasure. It's a myth that women do not want sex. Women are just fed up of having bed sex and are starving for touch. Lawrence teaches men how to stop grabbing and start touching, and how to turn your touch into her mind-blowing orgasm. Special offer for Sex with Emily listeners only: click here for a Free Report that reveals 10 Ways to Touch a Woman and Drive Her Wild With Desire.

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A show on why it’s great to be in a relationship or single on Valentine’s Day. It’s a perfect night to go out and meet someone, or stay in and have sex with someone you love. In case you’re wondering, you definitely count as someone you love. Self-love is one of the most rewarding things in the world. Masturbate your night away! 

Emily shares her best and worst V-day experiences, and what made them special or subpar. Her best V-day was in the third grade when her classmate gave her cash for Valentine’s Day.

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Allie Haze is the coolest, most down-to-earth girl ever, and she's also a really hot bisexual porn star! Allie Haze gets into the G-spot and how you need to get over your fear of peeing during sex. Plus, if you have a killer orgasm, who cares what happens? Allie Haze talks about squirting, outrageous, messy sex. "Your body makes the most hilarious noises when you're doing it right," Allie says. Allie talks about her transition from being a preacher's wife to a porn star. Growing up she realized she was more into women than men. As a bisexual porn star, Allie Haze has amazing sex tips for pleasuring women. She gives a very detailed description of how to go down on a woman. That's not to say she doesn't have advice for pleasuring men. Allie Haze is known for her blow job skills. She goes deep into how to give an awesome blow job.

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Emily and Australian Sexologist Dr. Nikki G talk about the pressure of Valentines Day and how you don't have to embody 50 Shades' Christian Grey in the bedroom... at least at first. Emily shares how to take baby steps towards 50 Shades of Grey sex. By the end of the episode you'll have your leather chaps strapped on and whips ready. Emily and sexologist Dr. Nikki G talk about Valentine's Day-- what you should do and what you should buy. Hint: the best things to do don't have to cost money and the best things to buy vibrate (Go to for the best V-day gifts).

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