Sex With Emily

We’ve all got insecurities, both in the bedroom and and in our relationships. So how do you stop them from getting in the way of your happiness? In this show, Emily shares advice to help you overcome self-doubt and face your love and sex uncertainties head on!

But first, she and Menace dissect PornHub’s new “text for porn” emoji campaign. Can you guess what texting an eggplant to the porn site will get you? How about a pair of scissors? Then it’s on to your emails. Emily tackles the topics of retrospective jealousy, penis insecurities, and how to take your sex toys through TSA! (As long as you’re not flying to Alabama.) Also, is it okay to bust out lube on the first date? She and Menace weigh in.

Whether you’re dealing with your own problems with jealousy or a partner’s past infidelities, self-doubt can be a real romance killer. If you’re nervous about something in your sex, dating or love life, just sit back, relax, and let Emily ease your mind in this week’s podcast.

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This special “drunk” edition of Sex With Emily comes at you live, straight from Emily’s living room! She, Menace and the whole team take a drink or two (okay, or three) in hopes of producing the first ever drunk podcast, but it’s not all fun and drinking games—They also go in depth on the topic of ghosting and take the “Sex Question Quickie” Challenge… Well, they do the best they can.

Do you know the difference between the sex lives of dog and cat owners? Why do you keep getting ghosted? Is pizza better than burgers? These are just a few of the questions Emily and Menace tackle on their journey to the other side of “tipsy”. They stumble through some bizarre sex facts, address a listener’s dating dilemma and even reveal some sobering truths about their own turn ons and turn offs.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to party with Emily & Menace, then this is the show for you! There’s a variety of spirits, a snapchat snafu, and a whole lotta sex talk. Don’t miss it!

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It’s spring, you know what that means! Animals are mating, flowers are blooming and for some of us, it’s the season for relationship spring cleaning.

Whether it means rethinking bad relationship habits or breaking up for good, everyone’s love life could use a little de-cluttering now and then. So how do know if it’s time to go? Emily lists some tell-tale signs that your relationship is on the rocks, and gives advice to help you figure out if your situation is worth saving. She also answers your emails on jealous partners, sex with your ex and everyone’s favorite topic: squirting!

If you’re stuck at a crossroads with your significant other and can’t seem to make the leap into singlehood, this podcast will be your comprehensive guide for the big spring clean! Don’t miss it...

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On this classic show from 2014, Emily sits down with Caleb Bacon, writer and host of the Man School Podcast. They trade relationship relationship tips, debate the benefits of Kegels for men, and Caleb opens up about how getting comfortable in his own skin led him to proposing to the love of his life!

Emily also tackles your emails. Want to know how to give a great BJ, even with a nasty case of cotton mouth? Or how to go after the girl you really want? And what do you do if your boyfriend comes home from a “work trip” with smelly junk? She’s got the answers, and then some.

From compliments to confidence to the dangers of dating a DJ and more, this throwback podcast is a blast from the past, packed with sex and dating tips that never go out of style. Check it out!

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This week, Emily welcomes the three lovely ladies from the LadyGang podcast for an unabashed, no-holds-barred girl talk session. Together, the girls dish on their favorite things to do in the bedroom and share their advice on how to get everything you want from your partner, no matter what relationship stage you happen to be in.

The female foursome (plus Menace) get down and dirty, divulging their sentiments on approaching anal, getting busy in the shower and the most underrated type of kissing. Each of the ladies also answers Emily’s 5 top sex questions—topics include turn ons & offs, crazy places to do it and what words make them hot. Then Emily and Menace tackle your emails, answering questions about the return of the ex, freaky fetishes and how to stand out in a sea full of single guys.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a woman squirm in bed, or if you’re just looking to commiserate with a fellow lady, this show is for you. No sex, love or dating topic is off limits and not one second should be missed!

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On this throwback podcast from 2014, Emily wants all you fellas out there to be the best you can be.. Especially in the bedroom! She lists the 5 most common mistakes guys make in the sack, and gives advice on how to avoid them.

But first, Emily and Menace start off with a discussion on dating and mating in the LA scene, and consider some questions of modern-day monogamy. Does your spouse have a secret Plan B?

Then it’s on to mens’ most notorious bedroom mistakes! Emily teaches tricks to help you slow down, ask the right questions and view every vagina as an opportunity to learn. You’ll be a bedroom master in no time!

From Facebook “poking” to scrotal condoms to the car that’ll make you say “Give me the D”, this classic show is chock full of fun tips and tricks to help you stay on top of your sex and dating game. Check it out!

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On this show, Emily and Menace are addressing a slew of sex and love topics ranging from sweaty sex to cheating and everywhere in between! The two also exchange steamy Mexico vacation stories— spoiler alert: only one of them gets lucky in the end.

Next, it’s on to your emails! Emily helps a listener decide whether she wants to open up her relationship or if she’s just looking for an excuse to cheat. She administers advice on how to confront your boyfriend about a lack of reciprocity in the relationship, and eases a listener’s worries on sweating during first-time sex.

From ghosting to snapchat to doing the dirty with your dog in the bed, this show is packed with laughs and tons helpful information! Check it out...

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This show is dedicated to all you virgins out there! No matter what your age or relationship status, Emily shares her “First Time Sex Preparedness Guide” to help you make your introduction into sex a positive one. She lists her do’s & dont’s for starting off your sex life, answers your most common virginity questions, and even shares her own first-time sex story… For science, of course.  

Should you wait for that special someone or just get it over with? Will it hurt? Can you get pregnant the first time? Emily and Anderson address a range of pre-coital concerns to help quell the qualms of all the first timers out there. And for all you non-virgins, the pair also discuss new innovations in period sex and explain how “manspreading” might be able to help step up your dating game.

So if you’re thinking about knockin’ boots for the very first time or you just need to brush up on the basics, this show will help you make sex be the best it can be. From foreplay to protection to the great hymen myth, this show is not one to miss!

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What’s blocking you from finding satisfaction in the bedroom, your relationship and most importantly, in yourself? This show is all about breaking down those barricades, no matter what they may be! Whether you’re struggling with dating self-doubts, dirty talk or a long distance relationship that’s lost its spark, Emily helps you get to the bottom of these issues and so much more.

When it comes to love, sex and dating, obstacles are all but inevitable. Finding the confidence to put yourself out there, the courage to communicate your needs to your partner or even the right words to text can be a challenge. Luckily, Emily is here to give advice on this wide range of sex and dating topics, and even provides some stellar sex toy hygiene tips along the way!

From online dating do’s & don'ts to bedroom distractions and beyond, this show delves deep into practical methods for resolving real life sex and love issues. You don’t want to miss it.

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