Sex With Emily

In today’s show, I’m talking sex positions, orgasms, and great sex toys to try this summer without breaking the bank. Ever wonder about the difference between squirting and orgasms? How about between male and female orgasms? This podcast fills in the blanks!


From a deflowering professional to a sex-positive “smart mattress”, this week’s Sex in the News goes international. Emily tackles emails on a number of sexy subjects, from 69 position hacks to squirting advice to how to develop sexual confidence, and shares how orgasms could save your life (or at the very least, your prostate).  

All this and more in the latest Sex With Emily podcast!

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On today’s show, Emily welcomes super-sexologist couple Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg, creators of the popular Showtime series “Sex With Sunny Megatron.” These sex-educating pleasure advocates are experts on BDSM, alternative sex styles, and all kinds of kink, and are more than happy to share their knowledge. Emily, Sunny and Ken share tips on how to expand your sexual scope and explore fun new ways to get freaky! Topics include prostate play, oral sex tips, squirting, erotica and so much more.

Are you interested in exploring alternative sex styles? From clown sex to balloon bondage to the psychology of a blowjob, you can find it all (and more) in this exciting episode of Sex With Emily!

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Three women, one epic sex toy review: Can you handle it?


In this show, we're keeping Masturbation Month going with the best sex toy review day yet! Emily, her producer Madison, and new intern Laurie all open up about some of their favorite new sex toys, share their experiences with the hot new programmable Flex vibrator, as well as some of the buzzworthy classics.

Want to know what pleasure-packed product will help you find your G-spot? Or what toys are best for play for two? These ladies have your answers. From first times with multiple O’s to sex toys with techy boys to Emily’s impeccable impression of a vibrator, this is one review day you don’t want to miss!


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Today’s podcast is all about getting what you want in the bedroom and in the dating world. Whether you’ve been running into blowjob barriers, having sex position problems or dating drawbacks, Emily has the advice you need to turn your sex, relationship and dating luck around.


Are you and your partner stuck in a sex position rut? Does he/she have a fantasy you’re not comfortable exploring? Emily provides guidance on these sexual questions and concerns and  also helps a couple guys with their respective dating dilemmas. Whether you’re a single dad or just an unsuccessful dater, this show has got the answers for you!


Explore the benefits and dangers of social media, cell phones, and get an amazing tip from Emily about what to keep in your freezer! Don’t miss out on the morsels of wisdom and fun-filled facts that this show has to offer!


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Masturbation Month marches on and the celebration continues in this Sex WIth Emily podcast! Hear some eye-opening self-love statistics, and interesting facts about whackin’ it, not to mention some titillating tips on how to take your masturbation to the next level.


Do you have a sexy masturbation playlist? Have you been neglecting your nipples? How can men use vibrators during solo sex? Whether you’re a man, a woman, or a couple, get all the hot tips you’ll need to have a successful Masturbation May.

From kegel balls to nipple clamps and everything in between, this show is all about stepping up your masturbation game. Whether you’re buffin’ the banana or playin’ the clitar, test your limits, explore your body and don’t forget to tune in to Sex With Emily to give yourself a leg up!

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It’s Masturbation Month, and today’s podcast is all about that magical act! Emily breaks down why masturbation is so important, and how it will blast your sex life into a whole new level! Get special Masturbation Month tips for men and for women, as well as expert sex toy advice, and learn what’s new in pleasuring yourself.


So how did Masturbation Month come to be? Emily explains the origins of this month-long celebration and lets us in on ways that playing with yourself is good for your mental, sexual and even physical health! She also answers a few listener emails on sex toys and cervix insecurities.

Want to know how to become the master of masturbation, learn your arousal cycle, and discover all your hot spots? Don’t miss out on this episode’s Sex with Emily.

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On the latest “Sex with Emily” podcast, Emily helps you through some of your biggest sexual hangups. From bad first-sex impressions to troublesome sex positions, she tackles your listener emails, gets into some internet porn tips, and debunks a common myth about her show: Does she really get tons of creepy listeners?

Plus, do you prefer morning sex? Or are you a late night lover? Emily and Anderson explore a study on men and women’s sexual preferences, and discuss the benefits of both lovemaking practices. Whether you're dealing with bi-curiosity, latex allergies, or penis size insecurities, this episode hits is chock-full of useful tips for those that have hit a speed bump in the sex road. Don’t miss it!


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This episode of Sex With Emily is about all different kinds of sex. From threesomes to sex with friends to sex with your boyfriend’s friends, Emily guides us through the in’s and out’s of these different sexual endeavors.

Is a dreaded Ikea trip in your relationship future? Have you tried using sex to reduce stress? Are you horny and having trouble letting go of a lost loved one? Well, you’re in luck! All these topics are tackled this week in Sex in the News.

Emily gives some pertinent advice to a kinky couple about condom etiquette in a threesome - Just be safe all around! Emily helps another listener with a gag reflex problem, and another still who has a problem with infidelity. Also, can women be bad in bed? Have you ever :swiveled and screwed"? Get the skinny on sex with a woman on top and so much more on this week’s episode of Sex With Emily!

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On today’s show, Emily welcomes fellow podcaster, television personality, and best-selling author Brandi Glanville. Together, the two get in depth and personal about social media’s influence on the dating world, cell phone etiquette, the correct way to approach a threesome, and of course, SEX!


What does it mean if your partner is too secretive with his/her phone? Do romance and mystery still exist in this share-crazy world?  What do you do if you want to have a threesome? What is a “micro-relationship?”  Emily and Brandi tackle these issues and share stories about how phones, sex toys, and the internet have given them problems in the past.

From the vaginal rejuvenation, to the dangers of snooping, to the intricacies of dating in a big city, there is nothing these two ladies won’t talk about. Don’t miss this unfiltered episode of Sex With Emily!

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