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Happy National Orgasm Day! In honor of the big “O,” today’s throwback podcast from 2012 is all about getting yourself past the pleasure point of no return, in more ways than one!

If you think there’s only one kind of orgasm, get ready to have your mind blown. Emily gently, but not too gently, guides you through the many types of orgasms a woman can experience and provides steps to help you achieve whatever O you’re aiming for. Also discussed, multiple paths to multiple O’s, finding your G-spot, and the foolishness of faking it.

If there’s one thing you do to celebrate National Orgasm Day (besides having a couple of them yourself), check out this podcast, straight from the Sex With Emily vault, and have yourself a THROWgasm.

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Today, Emily welcomes three lovely ladies to the podcast to dish, discuss, and dissect all things sex and dating. From early sexperiences to porn picks to Pubic Grooming 101, Harriet, Atara, Chloe hold nothing back as they share sex stories and personal preferences revolving around everyone’s favorite topic.


From different walks of life and different stages of love, these ladies have an expansive collection of experiences to pull from and they’re laying it all out for your listening pleasure. Even Menace has some questions for this gaggle of gals! How can you tell if a girl is really into you? How often do women ask men out on dates? What universal turn-off should all men avoid? Their answers might pleasantly surprise you!

Different masturbation tactics, orgasm styles, sexual fantasies and toys are just the tip of the iceberg on today’s Sex With Emily podcast.

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In today’s Sex With Emily podcast, we’re tackling a handful of complex sex issues, from mismatched libidos in your relationship to sex tips for lovers who still live at home to what to do if your partner’s choking fetish makes you feel uncomfortable. Any of this sound familiar? She and Anderson address some Sex in the News stories on strip clubs and cheaters, and Emily shares a story from her recent girl’s trip that you DO NOT want to miss.

Whether you’re you’re itching to hear about a real life girl-fight or are in need of some guidance to help navigate sensitive sex subjects, this show has everything you’re looking for.

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Today’s throwback podcast is straight out of San Francisco circa 2011. So what was happening in the Sex With Emily world EXACTLY 4 years ago? Emily covers a wide spread of topics including the dangers of comparing your ex to your current partner, age gaps in the dating world, and the real difference between love and lust.


Also discussed: Are you having trouble getting your boyfriend to perform oral? One listener needs help guiding her guy to cunnilingus town, and Emily knows the best route to take! She and Menace return to the great handjob debate, and Emily shares a handful of tips, tricks and pointers on how to make the most of manual stimulation.

Whether you need sex advice, relationship help, or a couple great book recommendations, this “blast from the past” podcast is chock full of useful tips and plenty of classic Emily and Menace moments. Don’t miss it!

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Today’s show is filled with advice to help you spice up your sex life! Emily answers your emails on blowjob complications, sleep orgasms and the fascination with facials, and shares tips to help you sex up your next vacation. Plus, from revenge porn to horny sleepers to words that make everyone uncomfortable, this week’s Sex in the News has something for everyone.

Having you been itching to give your girl an ejaculate face mask? Does your sex initiation game need improvement? How do you develop a taste for oral sex? Emily has the answers you’ve been looking for. Find out how to bring up your desires with your partner and ensure a sexually satisfying situation for both of you in this fun and frisky podcast!

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Girl talk: a holdfast of female friendships and a complete mystery to most men. But if you’ve ever wanted to listen in on a bonafide girl talk session, today’s Sex With Emily podcast is making your eavesdropping dreams come true! Emily welcomes real-life friends and fellow sex & dating aficionados Anna David and Danielle Stewart to enjoy some good old fashioned girl (sex) talk!


In between trading taboo fantasies, masturbation stories, and even a couple embarrassing anecdotes, Emily and her guests dissect the distinctions between sex in your 20’s, into your 30’s and beyond, and discuss what really makes the BEST SEX EVER.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall of a girl’s night in, this show gives you just that. Listen in on candid remarks, differing opinions, and helpful declarations about their respective experiences in the world of sex, dating & love. Nothing is off limits in this sex-positive female-powered roundtable, making this show definitely not one to miss!

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On today’s Sex With Emily podcast, we’re talking penis size, sexual peaks, and making the most of your favorite sex positions. Learn how to get what you want out of your partner, and gain sexual confidence at the same time!


So we’ve all heard that women reach their sexual peak later in life, and later than men, but does anyone actually know why? Emily breaks down the real, physiological answer about sexual peaks and explains why women have better sex in their 30’s. She also helps a listener with anxiety about the size of his member, and drives home the fact that size doesn’t really matter. Also discussed: how to control the situation when “jackhammer” sex occurs and how to handle unwelcome giggle fits in the bedroom.


Whether you’re wondering about hormones, college sex problems, or what Emily’s housekeeper has gotten herself into, this podcast has all the answers you’re looking for. Check it out!

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In this Sex With Emily podcast, we’re talking cuckolds, fetishes, orgasms and so much more. Emily is taking to the emails to answer all of your most pressing sex, dating and relationship questions. No matter what you’re into or how you like it, she’s bringing you the tips you need to embrace and enjoy a full sex life!


Are you confused about your orgasm? Does your husband dislike blowjobs? Are you really really into pantyhose? These are just a few of the emails Emily tackles from our loyal listeners. She shares her knowledge on fetishes, oral sex and orgasms, and explains how these issues can affect your relationships and your confidence.


From blended orgasms to sex in hotel bathrooms, this podcast takes on a wide variety of sex and love issues. Everyone gets turned on or off by a unique combination of things, and Emily is here to help decipher the signs!

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Are you open to anal? In this classic throwback podcast from Anal Sex Month 2013, we’re getting deep into the world of backdoor pleasure. If you’re new to anal play, this show will help you get comfortable with the idea of having something up your bum. Don’t worry, it’s not that scary. It’s actually quite delightful if done correctly.

Emily provides a handful of anal sex pointers to make the back door poke more pleasurable and shares the three most important elements of anal sex: Relaxation, lubrication and communication. She and Menace discuss the appeal of anal sex and break down the mystery of the male G-spot.


This show is straight from the Sex With Emily podcast vault. It’s a throwback celebration of anal in all forms, so refresh your back door vocabulary and check it out!

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