Sex With Emily

This show will teach you how to make sweet love or how to tie up your partner, depending on what kind of mood you're in. With a little butt slapping here, a little shallow thrusting there, and a little neck nibbling, Emily shows you how to have slow and rough sex. You have to mediate on her vagina and cultivate the perfect butt slap-- two of the most important skills in life.Emily also discusses how women can have orgasms. Once you learn how your own body works and buy a vibrator, you'll be ready to have orgasmic sex whether you're tied to the bedposts or making slow passionate love.

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A show overflowing with titillating sex tips and talk about Emily's cleavage. Emily wants to know why men don't undress women anymore. Gentleman, you need to change your lackluster ways. Emily gives tips for how men can be less boring in bed and tips for how women can initiate more sex. Emily also talks about jealousy, how Facebook has changed relationships, and your glorious inner-thighs.

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Sex is your birthright, use it forever. Emily interviews celebrity psychologist, "sexpert," and wise elder Dr. Dorree Lynn about how to have amazing sex after 50. While you might not be able to do it on the kitchen table anymore, you can still have sex on the floor. Emily and Dr. Dorree give advice for men and women with low libido, sex after menopause, and talking to your partner about changing your sex life. Do not settle for a life without sex. The golden years are for getting it on.

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43% of women experience low libido. Whether it's menopause, stress, anti-depressants, medical problems or something else, women often blame themselves for their slumping sex drive. Emily talks with Rachel Braun Scherl, President of Semprae Laboratories (the creators of the revolutionary female product Zestra), about why so many women experience low libido and what they can do to get their sex drive back.

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Emily talks with women about what they think is cute or cliche on V-day. Emily breaks down the most romantic and repulsive date ideas, from reading each other poetry in the tub to fancy fast-food, from heart-shaped boxes to shamelessly selling yourself on eBay. Emily also talks about robberies at sex stores, elitist penises, sex with virgins, men who don’t want sex, and men who do want sex but don't know how to get it.

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Valentine's Day, commonly known as “Singles Awareness Day” for many Americans, is a day for laughter, tears, and double shots of whiskey. Emily answers important questions like, should you use your electric toothbrush as a vibrator? Why or why not? And what the hell should you do on V-day if you're single? Don't worry, you're going to have fun if you follow this advice. 

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Emily talks with pickup artist Brad P about how to approach women at a coffee shop... and end up doing it in the Starbucks bathroom. Brad P breaks down the biggest mistakes men make while hitting on women and how to have an edge over all those other "nice guys." Don't just ask her where she's from or what she does for a living. Here's what you should say if you really want to get some. 

Special offer for Sex with Emily listeners: free book reveals how to approach hot women, open up a conversation and create instant attraction.

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A podcast on why it's great to be single or taken on Valentine's Day. It's a perfect night to go out and meet someone or stay in and have sex with someone you love. In case you're wondering, you definitely count as someone you love. Self-love is one of the most rewarding things in the world. Emily shares her best and worst V-day experiences, and what made them special or subpar. Her best V-day was in the third grade when her classmate gave her cash in her Valentine.

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