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On today’s show, Emily is joined by Corinne Fisher & Krystyna Hutchinson, creators of the podcast “Guys We Fucked” and authors of the new book “Fucked…Being Sexually Explorative & Self-Confident In a World That’s Screwed,” to talk about confidence and self acceptance, not only in the bedroom, but in all areas of your life.

Emily, Corinne, and Krystyna cover a range of topics, including sexual shame, embracing your sexy imperfections, why it’s necessary for women to celebrate other women, masturbation by imagination, and the right way to communicate before a threesome goes down. All this and more, in a jam-packed show.

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Today’s show is one of our favorites–– it’s SEX TOY REVIEW DAY! Emily is joined by some of her trusty team to talk about the toys they like, how to use them, and sex toy hacks for maximum pleasure.

Emily talks with Jamie, Shannon, and Jenny about a handful of awesome toys from the sex tech world, from movement to vibration – right down to the box design. This episode just goes to show you how different every woman is when it comes to her orgasms.

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On today’s show, Emily is joined by comedian and host of the podcast, Be Here For a While, Rachael O’Brien to talk about why being single is pretty awesome, ways to communicate in bed, and how to meet people IRL.

Emily and Rachael also give their insights as to why you should love your vagina and stop obsessing over how it looks, how to be and STAY present during sex, and how you should write your own dating rules instead of following everyone else’s.

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On today’s show, we’re throwing things back to when sex-positive Suicide Girl, Moxi Cox, joined Emily to talk everything from sex toys to alternative relationships to kinking things up!

Emily, Menace and Moxi help a few listeners go from “fluff” to “rough” in the bedroom, Moxi talks about how to successfully navigate open relationships, and she even shares some of her own sexual experiences – from her top porn picks to her favorite ways to orgasm. If you missed it once don’t miss it again!

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On today’s show, Emily’s helping callers get over their anxieties when it comes to relationships and the bedroom.

She gives her advice on getting that sex drive up and rebuilding intimacy when there’s kids in the house, how to keep things hot and steamy during a threesome, ways to move past anxiety to enjoy sex again, and how to tell if you’re really ready for marriage – or if you’re being talked into it.

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On today’s show Emily and Anderson are taking your calls, as well as covering clitoral, g-spot, and oral orgasms, with advice on how to find and achieve all three!

Emily and Anderson give tips on how to overcome that pesky gag reflex, ways to reach g-spot bliss, and how to bring back that new relationship energy in a long-term relationship, as well as why foreplay is a requirement–– not a suggestion.

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On today’s show, Emily’s joined by Marnie Breecker, sex addiction therapist and founder of the Center for Relational Healing, to talk in depth about the controversial issues surrounding sex addiction and relationships.

 Emily and Marnie talk about the distinction between a sex addict and a cheater, different behavior and attachment issues, and their impact on the way we navigate relationships. Plus, they give a crash course in IMAGO therapy–– which can help you communicate better with everyone in your life.

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On today’s show, Emily is joined by Xanet Pailet, a sex and intimacy coach and author of the forthcoming book, Living An Orgasmic Life, to discuss how to reach your full orgasmic potential, overcome the shame/pleasure paradox, and understanding the difference between arousal and desire.

Emily and Xanet also walk through a couple exercises to tap into your sexual energy–– something you can do along with them! There are a lot of useful tools and information packed into this episode, all geared towards helping you get in tune with your sensual side.

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