Sex With Emily

Today’s episode answers the age old dilemma for men and women: How can I enjoy a more fulfilling sex life? Flooded by listener emails about dissatisfying sex lives, today’s show focuses on the “orgasm gap” between men and women.

Men tend to arrive to the party earlier than women (on average) so how do we close this gap so everyone can have their fair share of orgasms? Women can have multiple orgasms, so why do men have 3 orgasms for every 1 that women have?

So what is the exact definition of Premature Ejaculation (PE)? In the studio contributing to the dialogue along with Anderson is Jeff Abraham, CEO of Promescent, the only FDA approved treatment for PE.

Emily and Jeff define the difference between PE, ED  and how to know what’s going on with your situation. Jeff divulges his fascinating journey to launching the Promescent, and the personal and tragic story about the doctor who created this treatment for his patients.

Emily shares the news about the innovative nail polish that  thwarts predators by detecting date rape drugs. With 1 in 5 women being sexualy assulted in their lives, it’s imperative to know how to better protect your wife, sisters and friends.

A gay caller is concerned about his future and wants to know if he should start dating women to have a more “normal” lifestyle. Can you really switch horses in the middle of the stream?


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Emily shares four important steps for overcoming jealousy. You can get past jealousy in most situations if you can let go of your insecurities. (Unless they really are cheating on you with that young thing down the street).


  • Find out why she’s really moaning during sex. Is it because you’re a sex God? Or is she just faking it? Do shiest people really moan the loudest?
  • Is there a platonic dating site for those who don’t want to get down? What if you just want to ride bikes with someone instead of riding that someone?
  • What do say on your first online dating message (no, “hey baby I want to wear you like a crown” is not a good first message. Nice try).
  • How to deal with body image issues, because you’re fabulous and everyone should know it. Start walking around the house and winking at yourself in the mirror!
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This show is all about having great sex and great relationships, no matter what you’re packing down below. Emily and Anderson swap sexting stories, answer listener emails, discuss topics such as lingerie, lesbians and what NOT to do at a strip club.


Emily opines about the rising popularity of dick pics: Is this the new American pastime? Or just a frisky form of digital foreplay?

The two also discuss the latest sex in the news stories, including a man with no penis who has the secret to sexual intimacy, and a man who called the cops when a stripper wouldn’t have sex with him. Then they give advice on an array of topics, from big penis problems to sex toys to stamina.

Whether you have a big penis, a shy penis or no penis at all, this Podcast gives tips to improve your sexual intimacy and help you have better sex in your relationships. Don’t miss out!

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Happy Anal Pleasure Month! This show is dedicated to helping you explore the world of pleasure located right at your backdoor! Whether you’re male, female, single or in a relationship, gay or straight, this podcast addresses your questions and helps you to face your backdoor fears! Along with her trusty assistant, Emily provides tips and tricks on how to make anal sex a fun, pleasurable time for everyone! Also on the show, master of prostate play, Dr. Charlie Glickman, calls in to give his his expert opinion, and provide a male perspective, on anal pleasure for men of all sexual orientations.

From “anal breathing” to porn to the importance of foreplay, this Podcast touches on all the hot backdoor topics! Don’t miss out!

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On this podcast we have the tattoo’d darling of the adult industry, Miss Joanna Angel, back in the studio to educate us on all things SEX. Joanna shares tips learned on the job, from tricks to taking the sexiest selfies to how to make a woman REALLY moan!

Joanna and Emily talk firsts: First sexual encounters, first orgasms, first girl crushes and more! They swap stories of one-night-stands gone wrong, and sex so bad, it makes you wish you had stayed home and ordered a pizza!

What’s this sexy lady’s favorite porn to shoot? Well, she really can’t resist a nice, thick.. PLOT!

They also answer listeners emails: How do you tell your guy he’s bad in  bed? They also help one listener take control of her own sexual destiny, and cultivate confidence in the bedroom. Not getting the sex you want? Joanna’s advice: “Sit on his face!”

This show addresses the hard-hitting questions: What’s so sexy about a girl with tattoos? What’s the recipe for a really GOOD threesome? And what makes Joanna a “bad bisexual”? All this and more in the most recent installment of Sex With Emily!

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Today’s show is all about thinking outside of the sexual box, and here to help is owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch and all-around sexual dynamo, Dennis Hof! Along with beautiful Bunny, Miss Ava Adora, Emily leads Dennis through a lively discussion on sex, legal prostitution, and how to really please a woman - and that’s just the tip!

From a self-described sexual square to the Cathouse King, Dennis shares his epic journey that led him to become one of the most successful and knowledgeable men in the legal prostitution industry! He tells us how he came to purchase the infamous Nevada brothel (a story involving comedian Andy Kaufman) and turned it into an empire with his pleasure-based business model.

Ava explains how a little case of identity theft brought her from college graduation to the Bunny Ranch, and discloses some of her most memorable sexual experiences, on and off the ranch. She also shares her secret to the art of sexual negotiation, which is like any other business deal, except it ends in great sex!

Next, Emily and Dennis talk about the importance of “effing communication”, and how you have to TALK about the sex you want to actually GET the sex you want. Dennis discloses his best tips and tricks for how to REALLY please a woman and Ava tell us why Dennis is the best lover she’s ever had (just a hint: 37 orgasms). You're going want to hear what this guy has to say!

They bust the common stereotypes surrounding the world’s oldest profession, and touch on the hot topic of what’s on the menu at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch! Want to know what a "Viagra Party" is? Or what goes on if you order the "Asian wet room?" In this super-sexy episode, nothing is off limits!

Want to know more about what goes on inside the Moonlite Bunny Ranch? Catch a new episode of the hit series Cathouse, premiering August 14th at 11pm PST on HBO!

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Do you find intelligence a turn-on? Well, you're in luck this week because THE Anna David is in the studio with Emily and Anderson to talk all about her writing career, new podcast, her journey through addiction and recovery, and of course -- sex!

Addiction specialist and relationship guru Anna dishes out what it was like writing multiple novels and creating her podcast After Party Pod. Bonding over writing triumphs and failures Anna shares with Emily her experiences through the years of her ever-expanding career which all began with an accidental dating task in NY. Who knew trading lives with someone would get you a spot inside Playboy?! Emily and Anna then discuss past dating experiences including a celebrity ex-boyfriend. Anna also divulges, upon request, the best sexual encounter of her life! Let's just say her safe word is "yellow".....

Next listener emails. What to do when your boyfriend won't stop watching porn? Will your past traumas let you have a healthy relationship and sex life? Having the best sex isn’t about completing a checklist or making your partner orgasm, it’s about having a healthy attitude towards sex and your partners desires. But can that be done? We tell you how in this week’s podcast!

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In this week's podcast Emily is back in the studio with, you guessed it, Menace! In this hilarious podcast Emily and Menace discuss the real story behind Hustler stores, glass dildos, and answer listeners' emails that may shock even the most avid listeners!

We've spent a lot of time talking about going above and beyond in your relationship. Any relationship takes work - especially in the bedroom - which is why it is so important to embrace and explore your own sexuality with no shame or regrets. If your man can’t handle your toys, he doesn’t deserve you! Emily gives advice for ways to help your guy feel more comfortable about using toys (Hello Jimmy Jane Form 2!) which can re-ignite your sex life and provide an amazing experience for both you AND your partner.

Next they move on to the popular subject of “Friends with Benefits”: What do you do if one of you wants more? Menace and Emily provide amusing yet helpful guidance for awkward situations and talk about not settling for sprinkles of attention. Also tackled are topics of swinging, squirting, mismatched libidos and baby mama drama.

Download this week's podcast and learn all about how to improve the relationship you're in, or how to end the relationship that isn't keeping you satisfied inside or outside the bedroom.

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Social media is here to stay but how is it affecting your relationships?. In the studio tonight is freelance writer Annie Daly who lends her expertise on sex, dating, health and millennial trends for New York Post, Women's Health, SELF, Elle, Shape, Health and Time Out New York to name a few.  

Emily and Annie talk about why social media does matter (even if you dislike it), Generation Validation and the rules of online dating. But first, will Anderson give up what he’s learned from Sex With Emily that’s made his wife happy in the bedroom?

You might love social media but it is ruining your dating life? Have you been #Ghosted? What does “like” even mean? How has the internet affected your relationship? And will it bring you together or swipe you into oblivion? Emily and Annie talk about how “Premature Escalation” is something you should avoid before the first date. Emily shares need-to-hear stats on social media, relationships and sex that will surprise you.  Plus how social media is not only speeding up the courtship process but also getting people to have sex sooner than later. Have you been a victim of mass booty-texting? Emily and Annie share stories on Generation Validation: Is everything online seeping into our real lives? The two talk about the need we have for affirmation and how it drives our actions (inappropriate or not). Plus, what's the difference between healthy and unhealthy posting?

Emily and Annie tackle other topics including unconventional dating sites and apps that actually help you find love, how to identify the winners online and what kind of text it took to take Emily away from oral sex. Annie shares stories from her time as a reporter, the New York dating and how writing about love and sex for Cosmo changed the way she handles relationships.

While covering Tinder territory, Emily and Annie discuss Annie’s surprising Tinder experiment, Tinder “binges” and how Tinder might be better for you overseas. Emily wraps things up by answering a listener's question about snooping and how reading your partner’s texts will always turn up something that will bring you down.



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