Sex With Emily

Happy Hump Day! Emily takes the guy she's dating to her ex's birthday party over the weekend and is celebrating her birthday with a Kegel Kegger. Emily and Menace discuss the top ten cheap date ideas from roller-skaing across the Golden Gate Bridge to going to a dive bar. Also, the worst places to go on a first date. Never go to dinner and a movie unless you have no interest in talking to your date. Hopefully the movie will at least be entertaining.

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Emily is trying to bring back the Hand Job and Menace is trying to bring back a taco. If Emily can get Taco Bell to bring back the Double Decker Taco from 1997 then Menace will give up his stance on the “The Great Hand Job” debate. Menace believes a man can give himself a better HJ than a woman can ever give him. Emily disagrees.

Another woman attacks a cop with a sex toy. There’s a sex toy drive through now as well as a vibrator bike delivery system. Next, a helicopter service that airdrops your sex toys on your porch.

Why he or she isn’t sleeping with you and how to have sex more often, or at least once. If your partner does not want to have sex, you should genuinely ask them what’s wrong. Emily and Menace act out healthy communication as a pretend couple and end up breaking up. Oh well.

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Emily has a perfect weekend, bike riding and wine tasting with her mom in Sonoma. Someone is getting married in Sonoma and Emily’s mom wants her to walk down the abandoned aisle because she’s worried she won’t see it in real life.

Mark Zuckerberg tied the knot and waited seven years to change his relationship status on Facebook. Emily is following Zuckerberg’s lead while Menace thinks that not changing your relationship status means you’re keeping your options open. Also, Menace wears female deodorant and Emily thinks approves. Why not?

Pheromones parties with your dirty t-shirt, the Vamp vibrator that shimmers in the sunlight like Edward Cullen, and the video game that gives you a free vibrator.

How War of Warcrafts can destroy your sex life and how to tell if you're addicted to sex or just really, really like it.

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Emily and her mother are spending the weekend together at a spa in Sonoma. Emily dedicated her book, Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight to her mother and Menace isn't sure what to make of it.

Why you might be able to blame your mattress for the horrible sex you've been having. How to strengthen your penis and how to go organic and orgasmic with Hot Rawks aphrodisiacs. Gaydar is proved by science and a poll shows people really want their significant other to cook. Emily has horrible Gaydar and doesn't cook. Oh well.

Should you stay friends with your ex's and people you've slept with when you're in a serious relationship? Emily's going to Mexico with the guy she's currently dating and her ex.

Emily is your sex ed teacher and shares everything they should have taught you in High School, from female masturbation to how to spot a douchebag.

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The first video promo for Missed Advised premiered last night (Emily makes out with two guys in it). Emily is also throwing a Kegel Kegger to celebrate her birthday and her iPhone app Kegel Camp. While you’re doing your Kegel exercises, win sexy prizes from Good Vibrations, drink some beer (or the beverage of your choice), and do a keg stand or two.

Emily discusses the crazy places people want to have sex and professes her love for hotel room sex.

Emily and Menace debate the Alpha Male vs. the Beta male-- who is better in bed and who is a better mate. Also, how to get out of the dreaded "friend zone." Nice Guys don't have to finish last, except in bed.

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Emily announces that her Reality TV Show on Bravo "Miss Advised" will air on June 18th at 10 pm. In the first episode. Better tune in.

Menace returns from Las Vegas and unsurprisingly did not get laid. Emily shares not only being best friends with your ex but making him your dog's baby daddy. It happens.

Also, robot prostitutes, throwing sex toys at cops, and getting married so you can register and get new knives.

From the Chameleon to the Co-dependent, from the Serial Dater to the Serial Liar, find out if you are dating one of the seven deadly dating personalities and how to get out as fast as you can.

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No one has faith in Emily's camping skills. Do women prefer the beta male or the alpha male? Menace claims to be the perfect alpha/beta hybrid. Of course he does.

Double the pleasure, double the fun. What is double penetration and how to do it. Emily also talks lesbian three-ways, strap-ons, and butt plugs. Emily has a butt plug waiting for Menace in the office. He declines.

If men are allowed to show their nipples why can't women? Emily protested the ban on female nipple nudity by riding around her neighborhood topless when she was seven- years-old. While female nipples in public are few and far between, you run into penises wherever you go in San Francisco. Also, how to give your partner a nipplegasm, candy bras, piercings and nipple clamps.

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Is porn an ally or an enemy in your relationship? Emily talks about what you should and shouldn't take away from porn videos, and how to apply this knowledge to your sex life.

Separate bedrooms are making American sex better, or at least keeping guys from farting around their girlfriends.

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Emily wants to do something more interesting than getting married and wearing the proverbial white wedding dress. Weddings are overdone but masturbation isn't. Emily gets into the fun that is mutual masturbation-- the benefits, challenges, and why men shouldn't be afraid of it.

Celebrity gossip turns into a heated debate about "hooking up." Does hooking up mean having sex or good old making out and maybe some trips around the bases? If you want to have sex there are some subtle ways to get her in the mood, from taking note of her interests to fixing her lamp. Handy men are sexy and back hair isn't. Emily and Menace share classy strip club stories and pinpoint the perfect age to get married.

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There's no time like now to rediscover yourself - but not in a Deepak Chopra kind of way, it's Masturbation Month! Emily reveals some sensitive masturbation statistics, and shows that there's more to male masturbation than plain ol' jerking around.

We learn about the origins of Emily's sex life, celebrities who can't stop giving their kids stupid names. and why Hooters failed to win over San Francisco.

One listener wonders why social media has destroyed the way young people communicate and another listener’s wife just won’t go down.

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